APJM/AAOM Paper Development Workshop

Asia Pacific Journal of Management, along with Asia Academy of Management will hold its first paper development workshop (PDW) on June 22, 2015 from 9 Am till 3 PM at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in conjunction with the 9th Asia Academy of Management Conference which is being held in Hong Kong from during June 22-24, 2015.  Organized by the APJM Editor-in-Chief, Michael Carney, the PDW will involve most of the senior editors of APJM as well as many other leading scholars.

The purpose of the PDW is to provide feedback to junior scholars on their current research projects focused on Asian Business and Management.  Consistent with the mission of the Asia Academy of Management, our objective is to encourage scholars to do quality research on issues that are of relevance to Asia.  While we certainly hope that the authors will develop their work and submit to APJM, there is no obligation to do so.

We encourage authors to submit their original work under two categories - full length papers and idea papers.  Full length papers should not be more than 10,000 words in length, while paper ideas should not be more than 2500 words in length.  You can submit the papers that you have previously submitted to APJM or other journals to get development feedback during the PDW.  Please make your submissions to ajai@business.rutgers.edu by March 10, 2015.  We will make the final decisions and inform the authors by March 20, 2015.

Please note that the PDW participants will be expected to register for the AAOM conference.  Please feel free to write to Ajai Gaur (ajai@business.rutgers.edu) or Michael Carney (michael.carney@concordia.ca) if you have any questions.

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