About Us

China Business Knowledge (CBK) is the knowledge platform of CUHK Business School which aims to make accessible our top-notch research, insights and commentaries to the academic, business and student communities.

Through feature articles based on research in China and the rest of the world , as well as spotlight stories, mini cases, blogs and videos , CBK offers in-depth knowledge and practical tips about doing business in the real world.

  • The Feature section contains articles based on research and ideas coming out of our professors and researchers, giving theoretical insights on specific business topics ranging from management to marketing, accounting, finance, logistics and more. The section also includes analysis of important business and economic trends in China and the world that have wide-ranging implications for the business community around the world.
  • The Spotlight section provides insights and practical tips in doing business in China and the rest of the world from experienced business practitioners and alumni of CUHK Business School.
  • The Mini Cases section explores how companies in Greater China and the world come up with unique business strategies, the challenges they face and their keys to success.
  • The CBK Blogs contain analysis and commentaries on current business trends shared by our professors and PhD candidates, CBK staff writers, and guest bloggers.
  • The Video section showcases video interviews with our professors, alumni, as well as successful company executives and entrepreneurs.
  • The Events section offers reports of events organized or sponsored by CBK, including round table discussions and panel discussions.
  • The Research Library contains a list of the latest top-grade research papers by our professors and researchers.

University Partners

INSEAD Knowledge is the expert opinion and management insights portal of INSEAD, a global business school with campuses in France, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. Knowledge showcases the latest business insights from its faculty and contributors. Both a website and a tablet and smartphone app, it is a free resource for global executives and managers looking for answers to business challenges.

Perspective@SMU is the SMU Centre for Management Practice’s (CMP) online publication that showcases the best of business research, condensing it into practical and usable terms for management practitioners and executives. Perspectives@SMU has more than 20,000 subscribers.

BusinessThink is the flagship journal of UNSW Australia Business School. Its professional writers reveal the relevance of the school’s high-impact research and draw on UNSW experts to consider topical issues. BusinessThink reaches beyond the university sector to inform industry practice, public debate, policy-making and regulation.


Sharing your knowledge and views

  • We encourage our readers to share their knowledge and views that are beneficial to the business community with CBK.
  • You are welcome to submit your comments on any articles on CBK to exchange knowledge. But we request you treat all fellow participants with mutual respects. We reserve the right to remove any posting that is inappropriate or offensive.
  • To send us your feedback of the CBK website, please email CBK@baf.cuhk.edu.hk.