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Dec 18, 2017 | Prof. Dominic Chan, honorary project director of Center for Entrepreneurship

In the era of sharing economy, consumers can easily explore cheaper or more convenient products and services on the sharing platforms. This emerging business model disrupts traditional markets

Nov 13, 2017 | Prof. Ma Xufei, Associate Professor of the Department of Management, CUHK Business School

In recent decade, China has been dedicating an unprecedented amount of funding to R&D. However, can these investments translate into technology innovation?  

Nov 01, 2017 | Prof. Shen Hao, CUHK Business School; Mr. Adrian Tam, Octopus Holdings Ltd.

Today, new technology has provided us with much convenience in our daily lives. However, have we thought about how our behavior has also been shaped by technology? 

Sep 25, 2017 | Dr. Sam Kirshner, UNSW Business School

Pent-up consumer demand can drive profits, but there are risks

Sep 11, 2017 | Mr. David Ashton, Director of EY’s APAC Robotics Center of Excellence

Each disruptive technology catalyzes unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Robotics Process Automation is such a transformational technology for the financial industry

Jul 17, 2017 | Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

It’s time for Hong Kong to diversify its economy and fuel the development of innovation, Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation urges.

Jan 05, 2017 | Prof. Zhang Wenrui , Department of Finance, CUHK Business School

The importance of trust in business has been widely recognized. However, how does trust influence a country’s economic growth? What is the relation between social trust and innovation development?

Nov 24, 2016 | Perspective@SMU, Singapore Management University

40 percent of Fortune 500 businesses today will die in 10 years because their business and business models would have been disrupted by mobile.

Oct 19, 2016 | Prof. Anil K. Gupta, The University of Maryland

China's slowdown economy is a well-known fact, the single biggest challenge is how to manage its slowdown. Prof. Anil K. Gupta, global expert in China’s economy, offers his insights on what China should do.

Aug 17, 2016 | Stephanie Villemagne, CUHK Business School
From INSEAD to CUHK, Stephanie Villemagne has developed a wealth of knowledge in leading MBA programs. What does a successful MBA program mean to her?
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