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TitleCUHK AuthorJournal
CHANG Song Jourmal of Applied Psychology. Feb 3, 2014
NGO Hang-yue International Journal of Business Studies, vol.20, no.1,pp.11-26, 2012
CHAK Man-kuen, Almaz and David AHLSTROM Employment Relations Record vol.13 no.2, pp.44-55. 2013
CHAK Man-kuen, Almaz Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30(1), 251-279, 2013
CHOW Hau Siu Irene HRM Systems and Firm Performance: The Mediation Role of Strategic Orientation
LAM Chee Keung Human Resource Management ,Volume 50, Issue 2, pages 247–270, March/April 2011
LAU Chung Ming Journal of Business Research, 2011, Vol.64(12), pp.1344-1351
NGO Hang Yue Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Volume 84, Issue 4, pages 669–685, December 2011
AU, Kevin Yuk-fai International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2011, Vol.30(2), pp.319-328
CHOW Hau Siu Irene The International Journal of Human Resource Management Volume 24, Issue 5, 2013
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