Dec 18, 2017 Entrepreneurship Post-Consumerist Sharing

In the era of sharing economy, consumers can easily explore cheaper or more convenient products and services on the sharing platforms. This emerging business model disrupts traditional markets

Prof. Dominic Chan, honorary project director of Center for Entrepreneurship Photo
Dec 11, 2017 Finance Green Finance: Hong Kong’s Next Opportunity

Hong Kong government should act fast to catch up with the megatrends of developing green finance markets.

Dean Kalok Chan, CUHK Business School; Prof. Lawrence Lau,Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, CUHK Photo
Nov 16, 2017 Technology What If Bots Collide and Collude in Setting Prices?

Conduct driven by algorithms is a challenge for competition law

Dr. Rob Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, UNSW Business School Photo
Nov 13, 2017 Innovation Is China a Fat Tech Dragon?

In recent decade, China has been dedicating an unprecedented amount of funding to R&D. However, can these investments translate into technology innovation?  

Prof. Ma Xufei, Associate Professor of the Department of Management, CUHK Business School Photo
Oct 11, 2017 Greater Bay Area Hong Kong’s Position in Qianhai: A Win-Win Game

Hong Kong SMEs should collaborate with Qianhai to gain access to the mainland market and establish a bigger role in the Belt and Road Initiative, Regina Ip urges

Mrs.Regina Ip,Co-chair of the Maritime Silk Road Society Photo
Sep 25, 2017 Technology When is the Best Time to Release a New Smartphone?

Pent-up consumer demand can drive profits, but there are risks

Dr. Sam Kirshner, UNSW Business School Photo
Sep 11, 2017 Innovation How Robots Take Over Jobs in Financial Industry

Each disruptive technology catalyzes unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Robotics Process Automation is such a transformational technology for the financial industry

Mr. David Ashton, Director of EY’s APAC Robotics Center of Excellence Photo
Sep 01, 2017 Technology Why Digital Asia Is Different

In our digital world today, developments in Asia are accelerating and are surprisingly different. What will happen when West meets East?

Prof. Annet Aris, INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Strategy Photo
Aug 14, 2017 Greater Bay Area Cooperation is Key to Building China’s Bay Area

Deepening cooperation is the key to building a first-class Greater Bay Area with a competitive edge, Dr. Tse Kwok-leung from Bank of China suggests.

Dr. Tse Kwok-leung, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Photo
Jul 17, 2017 Innovation From Knowledge to Impact: How Hong Kong Can Contribute to Innovation-Driven Economy

It’s time for Hong Kong to diversify its economy and fuel the development of innovation, Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation urges.

Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Photo
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