Mar 13, 2018 Innovation & Technology Didi’s Strategic Move towards Globalization

How Didi Chuxing’s recent acquisition of 99 in Brazil helps the company to go global

Prof. Ma Xufei,Department of Management,CUHK Business School Photo
Feb 20, 2018 Leadership Spotlight on Edward Tse: From ‘Pain Points’ to Opportunities

In this episode of the televised program 'Talking to CEOs', Dr. Edward Tse of Gao Feng Advisory Company, shares his experience of launching his own consulting firm and his insights on China’s development

Prof. Andrew Chan, CUHK Business School;Dr. Edward Tse, Gao Feng Advisory Company Photo
Feb 12, 2018 Innovation & Technology How New Technologies Enhance Our Living

With the emergence of new technologies, such as AI, Big Data and Cloud, massive connections become possible, as in the case of Tencent

Prof. Shen Hao, CUHK Business School; Mr. Steven Chang, Tencent Photo
Jan 19, 2018 CSR How Hong Kong’s CSR Experience Can Enhance the Success of Belt and Road

Apart from being an international financial hub, Hong Kong can help China to succeed its Belt and Road initiative through CSR

Prof. Cao Jie, Department of Finance, CUHK Business School Photo
Jan 15, 2018 Innovation Spotlight on Venture in Israel and China

Israel has always been dubbed the 'Startup Nation'. What are the secrets behind Israel's miracle? How is the startup environment there different from that of China? Prof. Yesha Sivan shares his insights

Prof. Yesha Sivan, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, CUHK Business School Photo
Dec 21, 2017 Entrepreneurship The Urban Farmer

A businessman fulfilled his entrepreneurial dream by leaving a high-flying advertising job to reshape the urban, agricultural, and social enterprise landscapes in his native Singapore

Perspective@SMU, Singapore Management University Photo
Dec 18, 2017 Entrepreneurship Post-Consumerist Sharing

In the era of sharing economy, consumers can easily explore cheaper or more convenient products and services on the sharing platforms. This emerging business model disrupts traditional markets

Prof. Dominic Chan, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, CUHK Business School Photo
Dec 11, 2017 Finance Green Finance: Hong Kong’s Next Opportunity

Hong Kong government should act fast to catch up with the megatrends of developing green finance markets.

Dean Kalok Chan, CUHK Business School; Prof. Lawrence Lau, Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, CUHK Photo
Nov 16, 2017 Technology What If Bots Collide and Collude in Setting Prices?

Conduct driven by algorithms is a challenge for competition law

Dr. Rob Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, UNSW Business School Photo
Nov 13, 2017 Innovation Is China a Fat Tech Dragon?

In recent decade, China has been dedicating an unprecedented amount of funding to R&D. However, can these investments translate into technology innovation?  

Prof. Ma Xufei, Department of Management, CUHK Business School Photo
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