Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Master's Programs Overview

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CUHK Business School offers a variety of full-time and part-time master's programs to graduates who would like to enhance their knowledge and competitiveness in a dynamic global economy. In order to help students master the business theories and techniques, we are committed to providing them with enhanced practical skills and modern business strategies to deal with the ever-changing business environment.

ACY-p msc acc msc fin name msc fin


This program is designed to impart concepts and practical knowledge of professional accounting to students and to develop their conceptual and analytical abilities for the attainment of professional accounting qualifications.

This program aims to develop and strengthen students’ practical skills in solving real-life tasks and problems. It focuses on applying finance theories and techniques to address opportunities and challenges faced by professionals in the finance industry.

MKT-p msc mkt msc itm name msc itm

This program is designed to deliver the latest knowledge in the theoretical development of marketing, which helps to equip students with the abilities to exercise analytical, strategic and innovative thinking, and make intelligent marketing decisions.


This program develops students to become T-shaped professionals in the new global, knowledge based economy by equipping them with both advanced IT technical and managerial skills needed to pursue a successful career.

BA-p msc ba msc mreha name msc mreha

This program aims to equip students with knowledge and tools that can help them derive meaningful information from mass business data and utilize the information intelligently toward making faster and more effective business decisions.

This program delivers knowledge in global real estate and hospitality assets. It teaches students how to analyze and execute investment propositions in industries given the changing institutional and economic environment.

MScMgt-p mim

This program aims to develop high-caliber graduates with global mindsets and professional skills in preparation for careers in business in Asia and other international environments. Specifically designed to develop skills needed in the fast-moving business environment, our courses teach you creativity, flexibility, problem solving and critical thinking to help you anticipate disruptions and innovation that keep you ahead of changes in the digital age.