Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO


1. Admission Requirement

Q1: I am a non-accounting graduate. Can I apply the MAcc programme?

Yes. We offer pre-courses in fundamental accounting concepts, which are optional, for students who have no previous background in accounting or other business knowledge.

Q2: I am currently completing an undergraduate degree. Can I apply the MAcc Programme?

Applicants are eligible to apply to the MAcc as long as they have completed their undergraduate degree before enrolling in the programme. If your application is successful, a conditional offer will be made. You will be required to submit a full official transcript and a graduate degree certificate upon admission.

Q3: Does MAcc require the GMAT? Can I take the GRE?

Since GMAT is specifically designed for graduate business education, we require all the applicants to provide a recent GMAT score of minimum 500. GRE is accepted in lieu of GMAT.

Q4: Can I still apply the programme if I cannot submit the GMAT score before the deadline?

 Applicants can submit online application first and submit your GMAT score report later. You are strongly advised to schedule the GMAT test within one month after the application deadline. The official GMAT scores should be sent to the MAcc Programme Office directly from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The Institution code for this Program is R9H-0W-20.

Q5: Can I take the GMAT more than once?

Yes. Applicants can take the GMAT once every 31 calendar days and no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period. If multiple tests score reports for the same applicant are received, we will consider the highest score presented.

Q6: If I have fulfilled the English Language Proficiency Requirement, do I also need to fulfill the GMAT requirement?

Yes. The GMAT is one of the admission requirements of applying our programme. Thus, if you have fulfilled the English Language Proficiency Requirement, you still need to provide your GMAT report.

Q7: Can I refund my tuition fee if I cannot fulfill the GMAT requirement?

If applicants cannot fulfill the GMAT requirement, the tuition fee will be refunded upon receiving the score report.

2. Application Details

Q1: Who should I invite to write the confidential recommendation letters?

Applicants are required to submit two recommendation letters to support their applications.  These letters are usually written by current employers or teachers who can comment generally on your performance, ability, achievement etc. at work or in school.

Q2: Is it compulsory to ask referees to fill out the recommendation letter form provided?

No. Referees can either use the recommendation letter form which we provided, or they can write the letter by using their own format. As a reminder, confidential recommendations must reach our program office directly from the referees, or sealed envelopes and sent by the applicant with other supporting documents to our programme office.

Referees are also able to submit the confidential recommendation online. Applicants need to fill out the referee’s information online, and the referee will receive the email invitation and a separate email with login ID & password from the Graduate School.

Q3: Can I submit a copy of my transcript only?

Photocopy of transcript is not accepted. Applicants need to provide the official transcript from the college/ institution/ universities attended. Students who are graduated from CUHK can have the exception of submitting the official transcript.

Q4: How can I get an original copy of my official transcript from my college/institution/universities if I am a non-CUHK student?

Most college/ institution/ universities provide an online application of official transcripts. Please check with the relevant parties concerned or applicants should download the Transcript Submission Covering Sheet from the Graduate school website, and send it to the relevant college/institution/university to apply for an original official transcript.

The original transcript will then be posted by the college/institution/university to the MAcc Programme Office directly, or sent by the applicant in a sealed envelope.

Q5: When should I send the official transcript and other supporting documents?

After completed the online application, applicants need to upload their official transcript and other related documents to the Graduate School website. Moreover, applicants should also prepare and submit the official transcript with sealed envelope and the supporting documents to our programme office before the deadline. Otherwise, we would not further review your application.

      Details on application procedures please refer to the 'Procedure' section.

3. Non-local Application

Q1: What kind of visa/entry permit do I need for studying in Hong Kong?

All non-local students must obtain a Student Visa or Entry Permit issued by the Director of Immigration for entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education. Details please refer to Successful non-local applicants will be contacted by our Graduate School to apply for a Student Visa when the offer is made.

Q2What documents are required for a student visa/entry permit to Hong Kong?

Details please refer to

Q3: Can non-local students stay and work in Hong Kong after graduated?

According to “immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates” (IANG), non-local full-time fresh graduates who wish to apply to stay and work in the HKSAR may be granted 12 months’ stay on time limitation without other conditions of stay provided that normal immigration requirements are met. Details please refer to

Q4: Does University offer postgraduate hostels on campus?

We strongly recommend students look for off-campus accommodation due to the current shortage in on-campus hostel places. Advice on housing matters such as tendency agreements will be provided in The Incoming student session of OHIS homepage upon admission.

4. Program Details

Q1: What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee can be found in the Tuition Fee and Scholarship section.

Q2: Who should take the Fundamental Business Programme?

Students who are intending to take the Qualification Programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), but couldn’t fulfill the foundation business courses after the assessment; then you should take the Fundamental Business Programme to satisfy the competency requirements for admission to the HKICPA QP exam. We will help all the students assess their major and classes that they have taken before, and provide the suggestion to you all of which foundation courses you might need to take. In other words, you are optional to take these foundation courses if you do not intend to take the QP exam

Q3: Will the schedule of the Fundamental Business Programme clash with that of the    MAcc Programme?

No, the schedule of the Fundamental Business programme will not clash with the classes of the MAcc Programme. The timetable will be provided in around July every year.

Q4: Where will the classes be held?

Classes on weekends are normally held at the University’s main campus in Shatin. Weekday evening classes are normally held off-campus.

      Details on course descriptions and course patterns please refer to the 'Curriculum' section. 


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