Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO


About Admission

1. What are the selection criteria?

Academic qualifications, work experience, interview performance and recommendation letters are considered.

2. I have a pass grade in HKALE Use of English (UE) and a degree from a local university in Hong Kong. Do I still need to submit the GMAT score report?

Yes. The qualifications mentioned above only fulfill the University’s English Language Proficiency Requirement. GMAT is an additional admission requirement applicable for Full-time mode.

Please refer to the Admission Reuqirements for details. 


3. I graduated from a recognized university in non-English speaking country. My total score of IELTS taken in 2009 was 7.5, shall I still need to submit GMAT score?

Yes. The IELTS qualification only fulfills the University’s English Language Proficiency Requirement. GMAT is an additional admission requirement applicable for Full-time mode.

Please refer to the Admission Reuqirements for details. 



4. My GMAT score report was not available when I posted the supporting documents to Program Office. What should I do?

Please provide a copy of the confirmation of your GMAT appointment together with other supporting for Program Office's reference.

5. How can I register for a GMAT test?

Applicants can register for the test online at The GMAT institution code for the Master of Science Program in Information and Technology Management (MSc ITM) is R9H-0W-24.

6. Can I take the GMAT more than once?

Yes. Applicants can take the GMAT once every 16 calendar days, but no more than 5 times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than 8 times total (lifetime limit effective 17 December 2016). If multiple test score reports for the same applicant are received, the highest score presented will be considered.

7. I passed the GMAT in 2010. Can the score report be accepted?

No. The validity period of GMAT result is 5 years from the test date.

8. Can I submit a GRE result instead of a GMAT result?

Yes. Both scores of GMAT or GRE are accepted in the condition that validity period is 5 years from the test date. For GRE, our institution code and department code are 3153 (Chinese University of Hong Kong)/ 4301 (Business Economics).

9. How can I get an original copy of my official transcript from my college/institution/universities?

Applicants should first download a Transcript Submission Covering Sheet from Online Application System; and send it to the relevant college/institution/university to apply for an original transcript. The college/institution/university will then post the original transcript to the MSc ITM Program Office in a sealed envelope as per the instructions stated on the Transcript Submission Covering Sheet.

For CUHK qualification, photocopy of transcript or certificate is accepted.

10. Where should I send the supporting documents to?

The supporting documents should be submitted to the MSc ITM Program Office.

Postal Address:
Master of Science Program in Information and Technology Management
CUHK Business School
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Room 928B, Cheng Yu Tung Building
No. 12 Chak Cheung Street,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

11. Who can I invite to be my referees?

A referee should be a respected person, who knows you well and is able to comment on your characteristics and suitability for the program, for example, your manager or supervisor, a teacher/ an instructor/ a professor of your college, a respected professional acquaintance/ a leader in your community that you know etc.

12. How can I check my application result?

Application results can be checked in the Online Application System. Successful applicants will receive their offer letters by June 2018.

About Non-local Applicants

13. What kind of visa/ entry permit do I need for studying in Hong Kong?

All non-local students must obtain a Student Visa or Entry Permit issued by the Director of Immigration for entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education. For details, please go to
Successful non-local applicants will be contacted by our Graduation School to apply for a Student Visa.

14. What documents are required for a student visa/ entry permit to Hong Kong?

Please refer to 

15. What are the entry arrangements for students from overseas, Macao and Taiwan who are approved to take up their studies in Hong Kong?

Please refer to

16. What are the entry arrangements for Mainland students who are approved to take up their studies in Hong Kong?

Please refer to

17. Can I get more information about accommodation?

Due to shortage of on-campus hostel, on-campus accommodation is NOT available for all Part-time/ Full-time students in postgraduate taught programs. Non-local students shall look for off-campus accommodation on their own.

More details can be found in the Off-campus Housing Information Web.

18. Can non-local student stay and work in Hong Kong after graduated?

According to “Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG)”, non-local fresh graduates can apply to stay and work in the HKSAR for 12 months, without other conditions of stay, provided that normal immigration requirements are met. For details, please refer to

About Program

19. When does the academic year start?

Our program runs on a trimester system and regular terms commence in September each year.

20. How many credits and courses are required to complete the Program?

Coursework requirements for students admitted in the full-time and part-time modes are the same.

To complete the program, students admitted in 2017-2018 are required to take a total of 30 credits, comprising 15 credits of required courses and 15 credits of elective courses.

Students admitted in 2018-209 are required to take a total of 30 credits, comprising 18 credits of required courses and 12 credits of elective course. 

The required and elective courses under ITM curriculum are all 3-credit courses.


21. What is the class schedule?

For full-time mode, required courses are scheduled in daytime while elective courses are offered during weekday evenings or Saturdays. For part-time mode, classes are held on weekday evenings or Saturdays.

Some courses are taught intensively over a two-to-three-week period or in Summer Term.

22. Where will the classes be held?

Afternoon and on Saturday classes are usually held at the University's Shatin campus, whereas weekday evening classes are usually held in the teaching centers in Central, subject to classroom availability.

23. What is the medium of instruction?

In-class lectures and teaching materials are mainly in English. Some exceptional courses with unique nature may be preferably taught in Chinese.

24. Is there any financial assistance for local students?

The courses, DSME6730I Project Management and DSME6930I Supply Chain and Logistics Management are included on the list of courses reimbursable by the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). Eligible applicants for the CEF will be reimbursed 80% of their fees, subject to a maximum sum of HK$10,000, on successful completion of a reimbursable course forming part of the Program.

25. Can a successful applicant to the program subsequently transfer courses?

Upon approval by the Dean of the Graudate School, a unit exemption of no more than six units may be given to students who have completed equivalent graduate-level courses and have obtained a "B" grade or above.



updated on 24 March 2018

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