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Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO


A) Application Details

B) Application Procedures

C) Program Information and Structure

D) Additional FAQs for non-local students

A) Application Details

1. Can I apply for the MSc Program in Marketing in my final year of undergraduate or other higher education study?
Yes. Students may apply for admission before completion of a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) provided that you are in the final year of study. In this situation any offers will be made subject to the condition that all requirements for graduation in the Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and for admission to the MSc in Marketing are satisfied prior to commencing the MSc Program in Marketing. For such applicants, you should provide the studentship certification and the most updated official transcript(s) which are applied from your relevant universities.
2. Is work experience an important admission criterion?
Most candidates have some full-time work experience. However, a small percentage of applicants with a strong set of application materials may be admitted with no previous full-time work experience.
3. I do not have any background knowledge in Marketing Management. Should I apply?
You are welcome to apply the program even you don't have any background knowlege in Marketing Marketing. A Pre-term course will be offered to the candidates for the basic marketing management knowledge before program commencement.
4. What are the minimum requirements for the GMAT? If my GMAT score is not high enough, should I apply?
The GMAT score is only one of the many criteria that the Selection Committee considers the application, other aspects including the applicant's academic performance, work experience and recommedation letters will also be reviewed during the evaluation process.

We don't have the minimum requirements for the GMAT score, but you may refer to the "Student Profile" to get information about the average, lowest and highest score of GMAT for previous intakes.
5. Can I take the GMAT more than once?
Yes. If an applicant submits multiple test scores, we will consider the highest score presented. However, if an applicant retakes the GMAT after submitting the application, you should login to the online application system and update your latest score, furthermore, you are rquired to request latest official score report (school) from the GMAC and send it to the program office directly. Please be reminded that the application not be reviewed until the new score report (in original) is received.
6. If I cannot submit the GMAT score report before the deadline, should I apply?
You can still submit online application first and update us the latest test result via the online application system and request the official score report by mail. Howeever, you are strongly advised to schedule GMAT test in advance to ensure that the official score report can be arrived the program office before the application deadline. Please note that your application will only be considered upon ALL supporting documents received including the GMAT official score report
7. What is the GMAT code for the MSc Program in Marketing? Will a GMAT test taken a long time ago be considered?
The GMAT code for the MSc Program in Marketing is R9H-0W-23.

For 2018-2019 application, GMAT scores taken before January 2014 will NOT be considered.
8. Is it compulsory to provide the recommendation letters? Who should I invite to write the recommendation letters?
Yes, applicants should provide 2 recommendation letters. The recommendation letters should be sent directly by the referees to the Program Office or you may recommend two referees' information through the "Online System for Applicants of Postgraduate Programmes". There is no strict requirement on referees who you will invite. However, it is preferable that the letters should be written by individuals who are familiar with you and able to comment on your strengths and weaknesses, academic and / or professional achievements, and suitability to undertake the program. For instance, current employer(s), supervisor(s), professor(s) or teacher(s) from university.
9. Do I need to submit the fee with my application?
Yes. Any applications received without the payment of the application fee will not be processed until the application fee is received.

B) Application Procedures

10. How can I get the application materials and application form?
Application materials will be posted at the homepage of Graduate School during the application period. The website for taught postgraduate programs are being updated around October every year. To be environmental friendly, applicants are strongly encouraged to retrieve the electronic copy of Postgraduate Prospectus and submit applications online.
11. When should I submit my application, and what documents are required?
Please refer to our Application Details for more information.

You are required to submit the following application documents:
  • Checklist of supporting document;
  • Copy of completed online application form;
  • Resume / Personal Statement;
  • Receipt of application fee (no need to enclose if you submit your application online and had chosen to pay the application fee by credit card);
  • Official Transcripts of academic records issued by your universities*;
  • Copies of certificates of academic/professional qualifications;
  • School Copy of official GMAT score report;
  • Documentary proof of fulfilling the English Language Proficiency Requirement;
  • Confidential recommendations from 2 referees either by hardcopy or online submission*;
  • Copy of your HKID card or other identity document as given in the Application Form;
* The Official Transcript and Confidential Recommendation should be sent directly from the applicant's university and referee to the Program office, or in sealed envelopes and send by the applicant with other supporting documents to the Program office.
12. Are there any interviews for application?
No interview will be arranged for the full-time program.
13. How can I know my application result?
Application result will be posted on the website of the Graduate School. Successful applicants will receive the offer letter by the end of May. Applicants may consider their applications unsuccessful if they do not hear from us thereafter.

C) Program Information and Structure

14. What is the normal duration of study?
- Part time mode: The normal duration of study is 2 years. The maximum period of study for completion of the program is 4 years if so recommended by the Program Director and the Head of the Graduate Division concerned.<

- Full time mode: The normal duration of study is 1 year. The maximum period of study for completion of the program is 3 years if so recommended by the Program Director and the Head of the Graduate Division concerned.
15. When and where will the classes be held?
The classes will be held on weekday and Saturday. All classes are normally held at the CUHK Shatin campus.
16. What is the medium of instruction for the courses?
Both Chinese and English will be used as the medium of instruction.
17. How many credits and courses are required to complete the MSc in Marketing?
The MSc in Marketing (Full-time) is a 12-courses program (36 credits). Please refer to the section of Curriculum.
18. When do I need to pay my tuition fees?
Newly admitted students are required to pay the tuition fees on or before the payment due date stated in the debit note in the admission package. Current students will receive a debit note at the beginning of each term, and are required to settle the tuition fees on or before the payment due date.

D) Additional FAQs for non-local students:

1. If I am non-local student, can I apply for the MSc Program in Marketing?
Yes. We welcome non-local students. All non-local students must obtain a student visa or entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration for entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education. Non-local applicants accepted for admission should make your own enquiry about entry visa requirements from your local government offices, or the Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region at The Graduate School will also provide information for the non-local applicants to apply for a Student Visa when the offer is made.
2. Can I apply to study part-time if I am a non-local applicant?
No. The Immigration Department of the HKSAR has advised that in general it is unlikely that they will issue student visas to non-local applicants who intend to study part-time in Hong Kong. Therefore, non-local students are strongly advised to study full-time in order to facilitate the student visa applications except those who have working visa in Hong Kong.
3. What documents are required for a student visa / entry permit to Hong Kong?
Please find the details at
4. What are the entry arrangements for students from overseas, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland who are approved to take up their studies in Hong Kong?
The students from overseas, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland who are approved to take up their studies in Hong Kong, please visit the website for details at
5. Does University offer postgraduate hostels on campus?
Non-local students shall look for off-campus accommodation directly, as on-campus accommodation will NOT be provided for students who take Taught programs due to current shortage in on-campus hostels. However, the Office of Student Affairs has set up a website to provide the housing information to the non-local students to locate a suitable living place. For more details, please visit
6. Can non-local student stay and work in Hong Kong after graduated?
According to "Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates" (IANG), non-local fresh graduates who wish to apply to stay and work in the HKSAR may be granted 12 months' stay on time limitation without other conditions of stay provided that normal immigration requirements are met. Details please refer to

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