Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Industry related activities

To supplement classroom learning, the School strongly encourages students to reach out and feel the pulse of the hospitality industry through visits to renowned companies, where they learn about both the front and back of house operations, and share the precious experiences of senior executives.

The School also organizes study tours for third-year students to familiarize them with front-line operations in the hospitality and tourism industry. During the study tours and company visits, veteran industry leaders from hotel groups and real estate companies talk to students about the challenges and opportunities that the industry presents.

Over the years, our graduating classes have visited major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chengdu, and other Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Cruise trip on board the Superstar Libra
to Halong Bay, Vietnam and Hainan,
China December 2008)
Vietnam (January 2007)
The Global Spa Summit (GSS) is an international organization that brings leaders and relevant organization representatives together to positive influence the future of the global spa and wellness industries. The event this year was held at the Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Due in Bali, Indonesia from May 15 to May 19, 2011 and it was the first time for the Summit to organize the event in Asia. One of the staple components of the Summit is the Student Challenge. A team from the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has also taken part in this student competition. A group of four undergraduate students have been chosen as student delegates (Che Hiu Man Winnie, Chan Wai Sing Rex, Mak Pui Shan Iris, Wong Pui Yan), led by Prof. Iris Lui, an assistant professor of the school, who is also the course instructor of HTMG3080 Hospitality Facilities Planning and Design, to work on this competition.

The topic of the Student Challenge is “to develop a profitable spa concept and design in conjunction with a spa architect or designer”. The student team has started working on this project since early February this year and has worked closely with Ms. Angeline Chan, the Director of the DP Architects (DPA) from Singapore to develop a profitable spa concept based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition, the team has also proactively reached out industry professionals from top-tier hotel and resort spas in Hong Kong and Mainland China to acquire a more in-depth understanding of the features and trends of this fast-growing industry.

The proposed concept, "SPArmony," is a TCM-inspired hotel spa concept that offers holistic spa experiences with a strategic four-star positioning. The ancient TCM wisdom, embracing the nature, is reflected by the ‘bringing the outside in’ design approach, which utilizes natural materials such as bamboo for interior design. To enhance the profitability, SPArmony optimizes revenue and reduces costs from spa operations, design, human resources, yield management and marketing perspectives. It is projected that SPArmony will enjoy 38.5% to 45% profit margin, and the payback period is 3.4 years. We believe that the increasing stress level among Asians and the worldwide-acknowledged benefits of TCM provides a positive future outlook of SPArmony.

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