Integrated BBA

Admission Requirements

JUPAS applicants are required to fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  1. In one sitting of the HKCEE, grade E or above in at least seven subjects, with good grades in any two language subjects (Chinese Language and English Language are preferred*) and Mathematics or Additional Mathematics; and
  2. In one sitting of the HKALE#, grade E or above in AS Chinese Language and Culture, AS Use of English and 2 AL subjects or 1 AL and 2 AS subjects.
Level 2 or above for Chinese Language and English language is required for applicants sitting the HKCEE from 2007 onwards.
For applicants sitting HKALE in their Secondary 6 and 7, the results of both sittings will be considered.

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Admission Formula

Our admission formula = 50% HKCEE + 50% HKALE, where
HKCEE = Chi, Eng and Math + 4 best subjects

Starting from 2007, the grade point conversation for Chinese Language and English Language is Grade 5*=5, Grade 5=4, Grade 4=3, Grade 3=2, Grade 2=1

HKALE = AS Chi + AS Eng + 2 best AL Subjects (OR 1AL + 2AS subjects)

Bonus for additional passed AL subject – 0.125 for A, 0.1 for B, 0.075 for C, 0.05 for D, 0.025 for E
Bonus for additional, passed AS subjects – 0.0625 for A, 0.05 for B, 0.0375 for C, 0.025 for D, 0.0125 for E
HKCEE Chi and Math double-counted
HKALE AS Use of Eng double-counted


A student gets:
HKCEE - Eng(C), Chi(A), Math(A),1st Subj(A), 2nd Subj(B), 3rd Subj (B), 4th Subj (C)
HKALE – Eng (C), Chi (C), 1st AL (B), 2nd AL (C), 1st AS (C)
(Grade A = 5 points, Grade B = 4 points, Grade C = 3 points etc.)

Therefore, he will totally get 3.8470 points (2.16666 + 1.68035).

CUHK reserves the right to amend or alter the components and/or weighting of the admission formula and evaluation criteria without prior notice.

Graduation Requirements

Integrated BBA Program is designed on a credit unit system. For graduation, a Secondary 6 and a Secondary 7 entrant* shall complete at least 123 and 99 units of courses respectively which include:

A Secondary 6 (or 7) entrant means a student who has been admitted to the University after completion of Secondary 6 (or 7) in a school or on equivalent qualifications.
Applicable to Secondary 6 entrants.