Out-of-class Learning

Student Exchange

Somewhere beyond the sea are new friends and great connections for a prosperous career. To embrace the mystery of cultural differences and achieve personal growth in a completely new environment, exchange study is your perfect choice!

CUHK Business School, together with the Office of Academic Link and the Colleges, provide over 1,300 exchange places in renowned universities all over the world for undergraduate students. Flexible choices of term-time, full year and summer exchange facilitate individual student’s academic planning.

In the 2012/13 academic year, over 400 business students were nominated to study abroad.

Exchange Students

Exchange Partners

Privileges to business students are an addition of more than 100 exchange places offered by our partner institutions around the world. CUHK Business School has set up exclusive exchange agreements with top business schools worldwide to ensure the best overseas study opportunities for our students.

CUHK offers over 220 student exchange programs in more than 28 countries/regions.

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Scholarship and Financial Aids

Worry not about money matters. CUHK offers support to students with special financial needs to find scholarships and financial assistance, so students interested in studying abroad will not be deprived of the exchange opportunity.

Plan Your Exchange Now

We offer you a key to exploring the world. Take your first step by visiting the website of the Office of Academic Links for application procedures.

Students Sharing

“My exchange experience at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania not only allowed me to learn from the best business talents in the world, which enhanced my professional capabilities, but also exposed me to Western culture and values, which changed my view and plan about university and life.”

Yang Yao, Quantitative Finance, Class of 2013, Exchange to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA in her second year of study.

“Without going on exchange, I would never have learned that I could design a fruitful and memorable trip with a Singaporean girl in New York.  Without taking classes in Canada, I would have never known that I was quite a passive student before. Without doing projects with local students, I would not have discovered that overseas students were really creative and hard-working. I believe that going on exchange has been a turning point in my life.”

Victoria Chan, Integrated BBA Year 3, Exchange to Schulich School of Business of York University, Canada in her second year of study.