Activity Highlights

The Center and the Department of Management have jointly organized seminars featuring prominent and upcoming international business researchers and experts:

3/18/2016 Corporate Tax Compliance Decision in Transition Economies Seung-Hyun Lee, University of Texas at Dallas
3/15/2016 Re-conceptualizing Absorptive Capacity: The Importance of Teams as a Meso-level Context Udo Zander, Stockholm School of Economics
3/7/2016 Leading Global Virtual Teams: Culture-Free, Color-Blind and Gender-Neutral?  A Study of Incoming Leaders’ Status Characteristics and Effective Global Team Leadership Lena Zander, Uppsala University, Sweden
12/15/2015 Cultural Mapping of the World Oded Shenkar, The Ohio State University
11/16/2015 Is Psychic Distance Symmetrical?  Evidence from Cross-Border M&As in China and Sweden Carl Fey, Aalto University School of Business Helsinki
9/15/2014 Is the creativity and innovation literature a stagnant fountain or sparkling pond? Giles Hirst, Monash University
6/5/2014 A Comparative Case Study of Organizational Culture in the Global Shipping and Logistics Industry : Japanese vs. French MNC Vincent Xiaoguang Qi, Liverpool University
4/16/2014 Inside CEO Successions in Family Firms: Should Predecessors Stay Active or Cultivate Roses? Jan Philipp Ahrens, University of Mannheim
3/14/2014 Are Societal Values Embedded in Organizational Culture Orientations Carolyn P. Egri and William J.A. Rowe Simon Fraser University
3/7/2014 MNC Strategy and Social Adaptation in Emerging Markets Meng Zhao, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
2/28/2014 Zoom In, Zoom Out: Exploring Goals, Behaviors and Outcomes of Managerial Distance and Closeness Ronit Kark, Bar Ilan University
2/27/2014 Beyond Hofstede: Moving our research in management further, wider and deeper Michael Bond, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1/17/2014 Smart Investors or Myopic Traders: The Role of Institutional Investors During a Merger Wave Changhyun Kim, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1/10/2014 The Challenge of Measuring Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace: A Belief-Based Cross-Cultural Approach Raymond B. Chiu, McMaster University
12/16/2013 Open Collaboration for Innovation: Principles and Performance Sheen S. Levine, Columbia University
12/2/2013 The State, Government Officials' Political Incentives and Corporate Diversification in an Emerging Economy Danqing Wang, INSEAD
11/29/2013 Past but not forgotten: Colonial history, nationalism, and the success of cross-border acquisitions Zhi Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
10/18/2013 Multinational firms in China: Entry strategies, competition, and firm performance Sea Jin Chang, National University of Signgapore
10/7/2013 Leveraging East-West Culture in the Business world Edward V. Yang, Chairman and President, iSoftStone Inc.
9/23/2013 The Spirit of Science and Socially Responsible Scholarship Anne S. Tsui, Editor, Management and Organization Review
4/15/2013 BRICS and Beyond íV Research and Teaching Challenges Stephanie Jones, Maastricht School of Management
12/18/2012 How to Write for Top Tier Journals Stephen Tallman, University of Richmond
12/17/2012 The Future of Global Strategy Stephen Tallman, University of Richmond
12/7/2012 Competition-Driven Repositioning Richard D. Wang, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
11/26/2012 Chinese Firms' Going Abroad Strategy and Hong Kong's Strategic Role Zhao Xiaodi and Yu Haiyan, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
11/15/2012 Publishing in Top-Tier Journals: Tips and Guidelines Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Michigan State University
11/12/2012 Emergent phenomena: Theory and Methodologies Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Michigan State University