EMBA Info Session and Master Class – I Ching and Leader Wisdom 《易經》的領導智慧

To many people, I Ching is a book of Divination.  In reality, it is the Chinese Book of Wisdom.  To be a competent leader in the 21st century, one needs to have three key elements – moral character, capability and wisdom.  Wisdom is the ability to perceive a situation, and apply the right knowledge in the right way at the right time to solve a problem or to make a right decision.  This sample class introduces the basic concepts of I Ching and examines the relationships between I Ching and Leadership Wisdom.

Professor Leo Yat-ming Sin received his BBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1979 and obtained his PhD degree in Marketing of British Columbia in 1993.  He was the Director of the MSc Programme in Marketing at CUHK.  Currently, he is on Honorary Institute Fellow of Asia Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) at CUHK.  His research interests include Strategic Broad Management, Marketing in China, Chinese Wisdom (I Ching, Sun Tzu) and Management.

This master class will be conducted in Cantonese.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the Programme Highlights
  • Experience an EMBA Master Class by our top-notch faculty Prof. Leo Yat-ming Sin
  • Hear from our Alumni about their unique learning experiences and career growth and transformation through EMBA study
  • Understand the Application and Admission Process