Fireside Chat: Sealing the Deal with Catalyst Ventures x Telkie

Fireside Chat: Sealing the Deal with Catalyst Ventures x Telkie

Want to get tips on how to get funded and learn from successful startups? Don’t miss out our upcoming firechat session co-hosted by CUHK PI-Centre and Booost Incubator! Guest speakers will share on some of their tips of sealing deals with venture capitals. The webinar will be conducted in Cantonese. Sign up for this workshop to learn more!

About the Speakers:

Mr. Jeffery Cheng
Partner of Catalyst Ventures & Founder of Ooosh Coworking

Mr. Jeffrey Cheng is a Partner of Catalyst Ventures and Founder of Ooosh Coworking. On top of his background in Marketing and Advertising at Leo Burnett, Jeffrey also has experience in Supply Chain and International Trade. Prior to starting Catalyst Ventures, he has been in angel investing and has an investment portfolio consisting Technology Private Equities, Real Estates and Securities. Jeffrey is highly engaged with the business and startup community, and has delivered seminars for corporate and institutions including New World Development and HKUST on digital transformation, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Kimberly Chan
CEO of Telkieg

With a journalism background,  Ms. Kimberly Chan has devoted the majority of her career to working in the hospitality sector in Hong Kong. Kimberly is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer at Telkie, a travel tech startup that transforms the way of hotel booking. Kimberly inherently understands the need for humanisation in the traditional hotel booking process. She believes human interaction is key in both acquisition and retention, and has been an advocate in user experience and personalisation in Telkie’s product development.

Fireside chat: Sealing the Deal with Catalyst Ventures x Telkie