Mao, Shuguang(毛曙光)


Dr Mao was a Managing Director at GF Investments (Hong Kong), working on the Greater Bay Area Private Equity Fund of Fund. He has over twenty years of professional working experience at investment banking and asset management companies. He also worked at Citigroup, Barclays Capital, and Harvest Global Investments.

Dr Mao is very familiar with M&A, hedge fund, corporate financing, and the cross-border financial products. Dr Mao is also a leading specialist in Green Finance and familiar with the Green Bond products and related ESG products. He graduated from Nanjing University with Bachelor of Science degree and PhD degree from Stanford University.

Dr Mao is currently a Senior Business Partner at CMBC, the chairperson of TCFA Hong Kong Chapter, the Adjunct Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and the CEO of Guangzhou Laureates City Investment Development Limited.

Teaching Areas

Green Finance

Research Interests

Sustainable Growth
Middle East Economic Development

Wong, Nelson(黄志輝)


Professor Nelson Wong joined the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at CUHK Business School in the 2023-24 academic year. Before joining the School, Nelson was the Head of Research at Jones Lang LaSalle HKG, a property consultant firm, in 2019-23. In 2006-18, he was a Portfolio Manager at CBRE Clarion Securities’ Asia-Pacific research team, primarily responsible for the evaluation of listed real estate companies and taking part in asset allocation decisions. Prior to that, Nelson worked in various real estate research and analyst positions at Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Jones Lang LaSalle. His career in Hong Kong dated back to 1995-97 when he taught at the Economics Department at CUHK.

Teaching Areas

Real Estate Investment and Finance

  • Academic/Professional Services
    • Head of Research, JLL HKG 2019-2023
    • EPRA/NAREIT Asia Index sub-committee member 2014-2018
    • Portfolio Manager, Responsible Officer, CBRE Clarion Securities HKG 2006-2018

Kot, Hung Wan(葛鴻雲)


Dr Hung Wan Kot is a Senior Lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School. He obtained his PhD in Finance from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining CUHK, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Macau. He served as the finance programme coordinator (2020-2023) in charge of the BSc in Finance and MSc in Finance programmes at the University of Macau. Dr Kot has also taught at the Hong Kong Baptist University and the University of Waikato and was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. 

Dr Kot has a keen interest in teaching various finance courses at the undergraduate and master levels, including Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Investments, Investments (Mandarin), Financial Markets and Institutions, Derivatives, International Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions. He also has extensive teaching experience in master-level investment courses conducted in Putonghua in Mainland China.

Dr Kot has published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, including Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, etc. As the principal investigator, he has received three General Research Fund from the UGC of the Hong Kong government. He has also published over 60 Chinese articles in newspapers and magazines.

Teaching Areas

Financial Management
Financial Markets and Institutions

Research Interests

Short Selling
Political Uncertainty
Index Revision
Higher Moments
Hospitality and Tourism Finance

  • Publications & Working Papers

    Main publications

    • Xuelian Li, Liang Dong, Hung Wan Kot, and Ming Liu (2023), “Regulatory investigations, media coverage, and audit opinions,” Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, forthcoming.
    • Liang Dong, Yiqing (Kevin) Dai, Tariq Haque, Hung Wan Kot, and Takeshi Yamada (2022), “Coskewness and reversal of momentum returns: The US and international evidence,” Journal of Empirical Finance 69, 241-264.
    • Wan-Qing Lv, Yi-Jie Wang, Ching-Hui (Joan) Su, Ming-Hsiang Chen, and Hung Wan Kot (2022), “A comprehensive analysis of package tour quality: A stochastic evolutionary game,” Tourism Management, 91, 104478.
    • Liang Dong, Hung Wan Kot, Keith S.K. Lam, and Morris Liu (2022), “Co-skewness and expected return: Evidence from international stock markets,” Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 76, 101479.
    • Chunmei Liang, Ming-Hsiang Chen, Di Zhu, Hung Wan Kot, and Zhandong Yang (2022), “Nonlinear effects of board characteristics on China’s hotel performance: New evidence,” Tourism Economics, 28(8), 1998-2020.
    • Liang Dong, Hung Wan Kot, Keith S.K. Lam and Bo Yu (2022), “China vs. U.S.: Is co-skewness risk priced differently?,” Asia Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 29(5), 1333-1353.
    • Adrian W.K. Cheung, Mostafa Hasan, Lidia Tunas, and Hung Wan Kot (2021), “Firm life cycle and trade credit,” Financial Review, 56(4), 743-771.
    • Ming-Hsiang Chen, Su-Jane Chen, Hung Wan Kot, Di Zhu, and Zhongjun Wu (2021), “Does gender diversity matter to Chinese hotel performance?” International Journal of Hospitality Management, 97, 102987.
    • Adrian W. K. Cheung, Hung Wan Kot, Eric F. Y. Lam and Harry K. M. Leung (2020), “Toward understanding short-selling activity: Demand and supply,” Accounting and Finance, 60(3), 2203-2230.
    • Keith S.K. Lam, Liang Dong, and Hung Wan Kot (2020), “Are higher co-moments priced? A tale of two countries,” Journal of Financial Studies, 28(1), 77-109.
    • Hung Wan Kot, Ming-Hsiang Chen, Adrian W.K. Cheung, and Haiyu Huang (2019), “Understanding short selling activity in the hospitality industry,” International Journal of Hospitality Management, 82, 136-148.
    • Fevzi Esen, Manisha Singal, Hung Wan Kot, and Ming-Hsiang Chen (2019), “Can insider trading in U.S. hospitality firms predict future returns?” International Journal of Hospitality Management, 83, 115-127.
    • Hung Wan Kot and Lewis H.K. Tam (2016), “Are stock prices more informative after dual-listing in emerging markets? Evidence from Hong Kong-listed Chinese companies,” Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 36, 31-45.
    • Hung Wan Kot, Harry K.M. Leung, and Gordon Y.N. Tang (2015), “The long-term performance of index additions and deletions: Evidence from the Hang Seng Index,” International Review of Financial Analysis, 42, 407-420.
    • Kalok Chan, Hung Wan Kot, and Gordon Y.N. Tang (2013), “A comprehensive long-term analysis of S&P 500 Index additions and deletions,” Journal of Banking & Finance, 37, 4920-4930.
    • Hung Wan Kot (2011), “Corporate name changes: Price reactions and long-run performance,” Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 19, 230-244.
    • Kalok Chan, Hung Wan Kot, and Desmond Li (2008), “Portfolio concentration and closed-end fund discounts: Evidence from the China market,” Emerging Markets Review, 9(2), 129-143.
    • Hung Wan Kot (2007), “What determines the level of short-selling activity?” Financial Management, 36(4), 123-141.
    • Abey Gunasekarage and Hung Wan Kot (2007), “Return-based investment strategies in the New Zealand stock market: Momentum wins,” Pacific Accounting Review, 19(2), 108-124.
    • Kalok Chan and Hung Wan Kot (2006), “Can contrarian strategies improve momentum profits?” Journal of Investment Management, 4(1), 70-89.

    Other Publications

    • Hung Wan Kot, Ming-Hsiang Chen, Ching-Hui (Joan) Su and Yu-Xia Lin (2022), “Tang poetry and tourism: Cultural effects after 1000 years,” Tourism Economics, in press.
    • Wenwen Zheng, Junjun Li, Yu Wang, Zhuyifan Ye, Hao Zhong, Hung Wan Kot, Defang Ouyang, and Ging Chan (2023), “Quantitative analysis for Chinese and US-listed pharmaceutical companies by the LightGBM algorithm,” Current Computer-Aided Drug Design, in press.

    Selected Working Papers

    • Hung Wan Kot, Xin Xu, and Bohui Zhang (2023), “Inspections by national leaders and local economic performance in China.”
    • Hung Wan Kot, Frank Weikai Li, Ming Liu and K.C. John Wei (2023), “Do short sellers pay attention to annual reports?”
    • Hung Wan Kot, Xin Xu and Lewis Tam (2022), “Tone management between languages.”
    • Hung Wan Kot, Liang Shao and Lewis H.K. Tam (2021), “Cross-listing and reverse cross-listing: Role of national culture.”
    • Kalok Chan, Hung Wan Kot and Sophie Ni (2017), “Does option trading affect the return predictability of short selling activity?” (Permanent)
    • Kalok Chan, Hung Wan Kot, and Zhishu Yang (2010), “Effects of short-sale constraints on stock prices and trading activity: Evidence from Hong Kong and mainland China.” (Permanent)
  • Grants
    • “Are bilingual announcements the same? Evidence from tone management in Hong Kong market, Project No: MYRG2022-00042-FBA”, Multiple Year Research Grant, 2022 awarded by University of Macau with MOP169,480 with Lewis Tam, 2023-2024 (Principal investigator)
    • “Project title: Sustainable Development of Hospitality and Gaming Tourism Industries in Macau (Research Series) – Phase 1, Project No: 30/DSESHSS-UM/2019”, Specialized Subsidy Scheme for Macao Higher Education Institutions in the Area of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Macau with MOP66,900 with Morris Liu, 2019 (Co-investigator)
    • “Empirical asset pricing: Short selling and others, Project No: SRG2017-00103-FBA”, Start-up Research Grant awarded by University of Macau with (MOP150,000), 2017, Duration: 36 months (Principal investigator)
    • “Does information environment change after reverse dual-listing?, Project No: 12501215”, General Research Fund awarded by Research Grants Council, Hong Kong with HK$278,000, with Lewis Tam, 2015 (Principal investigator)
    • “Long-term performance after reverse cross-listing: Evidence from Chinese and Israeli stocks, Project No: 291213”, General Research Fund awarded by Research Grants Council, Hong Kong with HK$151,973, with Lewis Tam, 2013 (Principal investigator)
    • “Short-sale constraints and A-H share premiums, Project No: 242408”, General Research Fund awarded by Research Grants Council, Hong Kong with HK$442,400 with Kalok Chan and Zhishu Yang, 2008 (Principal investigator)
    • “Changes of institutional ownership composition and pricing effects: Evidence from S&P 500 Index additions and deletions, FRG2/10-11/072”, Faculty Research Grant awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University with HK$99,000, with Kalok Chan and Gordon Y.N. Tang, 2011 (Principal investigator)
    • “Long-term performance of additions and deletions of Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, FRG/07-08/I-10”, Faculty Research Grant awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University with HK$49,700, with Gordon Y.N. Tang, 2008 (Principal investigator)
    • “The King’s new clothes? Price reaction of corporate name changes in the Hong Kong market, FRG/06-07/I-12”, Faculty Research Grant awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University with HK$42,820, 2007 (Principal investigator)
    • “What determines the short interest level”, Contestable Research Funds awarded by The University of Waikato Management School with NZ$2,800, 2005 (Principal investigator)
  • Awards & Honours
    • Top Cited Article 2021-2022 for the article: “Firm life cycle and trade credit, with Adrian W.K. Cheung, Mostafa Hasan, and Lidia Tunas,” The Financial Review
    • The top 10% of Authors on SSRN by all-time downloads, Feb 2023
    • Winner of the Ph.D. Students’ Research Paper Competition, HKUST Business School, 2003
    • FMA Doctoral Student Consortium, Denver, 2003
    • D. Student Travel Award, AFA annual meeting in Washington D.C., 2003
    • Research Travel Grant, HKUST, 2002 and 2003
    • Full postgraduate fellowship, HKUST Business School, 1999-2004
    • Finalist for Citibank University Marketing Award, Citibank (Hong Kong), 1997
    • The China and South Sea Bank Ltd. Scholarship, HKBU, 1997
  • Academic/Professional Services

    PhD Thesis Supervision (University of Macau)

    • Xin Xu (Supervisor, from August 2020)
    • Jiang Yu (advisory committee of PhD thesis, 2022. Placement: City University of Macau)

    Ad hoc Reviewer

    • Accounting and Finance
    • African Journal of Business Management
    • Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting
    • Asian-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics
    • Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
    • Australian Journal of Management
    • China Finance Review International
    • Contemporary Accounting Research
    • Emerging Market Finance and Trade
    • International Economics
    • International Journal of Hospitality Management
    • International Review of Economics & Finance
    • International Review of Finance
    • Investment Analysts Journal
    • Journal of Business Ethics
    • Journal of Business Finance & Accounting
    • Journal of Corporate Finance
    • Journal of Economics and Business
    • Journal of Empirical Finance
    • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
    • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money
    • Journal of Multinational Financial Management
    • Managerial Finance
    • Pacific Accounting Review
    • Pacific Basin Finance Journal
    • Review of Behavioral Finance
    • Review of Law & Economics
    • Review of Futures Markets
    • Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting

    External/Program/Subject Reviewer

    • Banking and Financial Services, Open University of Hong Kong, Sep 2017-Mar 2022
    • Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education, Sep 2015-Aug 2019
    • Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong SAR, May 2018, May 2020
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education, Dec 2013-Sep 2016
    • Program committee, Asian Finance Association annual meeting in Changsha, China, 2015
    • The World Business Ethics Forum, 2012 and 2014
    • Finance Research Centre, Fudan University, May 2012
    • Master of Business, Auckland University of Technology, Sep 2006
    • DBA thesis, University of South Australia, Aug 2008
    • Master of Science in Finance, University of Macau, May 2017

    Service at University of Macau/School of Business

    • Member, Honors College interview for FBA applicants, 2017-2018
    • Member, Principal’s Recommendation Admission to the bachelor’s degree programmes, 2017-2018
    • Members, MSc Finance admission interview, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020
    • Member, MSc in Finance Programme Management Committee, 2019-2020

    Service at HKBU/School of Business

    • Seminar co-ordinator, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, 2008-2015
    • Member, PMC of BCom (Accountancy) Programme, 2010-2016
    • Research fellow, Chinese Businesses Case Centre, 2015-2016
    • Member, Internationalization Advisory Group, School of Business, 2015-2016
    • Member, BBA student-staff consultative committee, 2014-2016
    • Member, joined “BUS panel and project posters” and “meeting with junior faculty members” during Research Grants Council’s visit to HKBU, 2011
    • Member, joined “meeting junior faculty staff” during AACSB Peer Review Team visit, 2010
    • Member, PMC of BCom (Marketing) Programme, 2009
    • Member, QAC audit for BBA-Finance Programme, 2009

Tang, Nai-pan(鄧鼐斌)


Prof. Nai-pan Tang (NP) is Professor of Practice in Finance. He served for three decades in banking after teaching as Assistant Professor in Finance at the Chinese University of HK (CUHK) and at McGill University. In banking, NP has taken management roles in Treasury, Global markets and Risk Management in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Before rejoining CUHK, NP’s was Director of the Board, Deputy CEO, Alternative CEO, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and Vice Chairman of Asset Management at China CITIC Bank International. In the past decade, he served as Deputy CEO’s, CRO’s and board member in various banks in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

In public service, NP served as director and executive committee member in the HK Institute of Bankers (HKIB), chaired “Economic and Financial Market Research Committee” in the Chinese Banking Association of HK, and he is a board member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Center. He was named “Honorary Certified Banker” by HKIB in 2022.

NP’s previous research was in Derivatives Pricing and Econometrics. In banking, he has worked on quantitative applications in derivatives and risk management, and his current interests are in China offshore markets and risk management.

NP aims to combine theoretical concepts and practice experiences to share with students.

Teaching Areas

Corporate Finance
Capital Markets and Financial Instruments
Management of Financial Institutions
Risk Management

Research Interests

China Offshore Markets
Risk Management

  • Academic/Professional Services
    • Member, Finance Committee, HK Arts Center 2020-present
    • Director, Financial Dispute and Resolution Center, 2022-present
    • Chair, “Economic and Financial Market Research Committee”, Chinese Banking Association of HK, 2021-2023
    • Executive Committee Member, HKIB 2019-2022
    • Director, HKIB, 2019-2022

Tseng, Kevin(曾俊凱)


Professor Kevin Tseng is an Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School. He previously taught at the National Taiwan University (NTU) as the EMBA Alumni Elite Chair and the Chen-Yung Outstanding Scholar. Before joining NTU, he was a Financial Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and an Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas’ School of Business.

Professor Tseng has a broad research interest. He has published in the areas of knowledge spillover, asset pricing, disclosure, innovation, corporate finance, and behavioral economics. His articles have appeared in leading scholarly journals, including The Journal of Finance, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Financial Studies, The Accounting Review, Management Science, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Contemporary Accounting Research, and the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. In 2022, he received the MOST Outstanding Research Award; in 2015, he received the WFA Cubist Systematic Strategies PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research.

Teaching Areas

Financial Statement Analysis

Research Interests

Information Disclosure
Asset Pricing
Corporate Finance
Behavioral Economics

  • Awards & Honours
    • MOST Outstanding Research Award, 2022
    • Early-Career Investigator Research Achievement Award, Academia Sinica, 2022
    • Young Researcher Award, Taiwan Econometrics Society, 2022
    • Young Researcher Award, Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association, 2022
    • E. Sun Academic Award, E.SUN FHC & National Taiwan University, 2021-2023
    • Best Paper Award, TFA Annual Meeting, 2018, 2020-2022
    • Best Paper Award, Management and Practice Conference, 2021
    • Chen-Yung Outstanding Scholar, National Taiwan University, 2020
    • EMBA Alumni Elite Chair, National Taiwan University, 2020
    • Best Paper Award Semifinalist, Financial Management Association (FMA) Annual Meeting, 2018-2019, 2023 (*2)
    • Best Paper Award, Asian Finance Association (Asian FA), 2016
    • Ph.D. Candidate Award for Outstanding Research, Western Finance Association (WFA), 2015
    • PhD Forum Best Paper Award Second Prize, Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC), 2014
  • Academic/Professional Services
    • Ad-Hoc Referee, Review of Financial Studies, Management Science, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Contemporary Accounting Research, Research Policy, Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance
    • Organising Committee, 2019 TFA Asset Pricing
    • Programme Committee, Northern Finance Association (NFA), Financial Management Association (FMA), Financial Management Association Asia/Pacific (FMA Asia), Southern Finance Association (SFA)

Whelan, Paul


Professor Paul Whelan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance. Before joining CUHK in 2023, he was an Associate Professor of Finance at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He received his PhD degree in Financial Economics from Imperial College London.

Prof. Whelan’s papers have been published in the Journal of FinanceJournal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, and Management Science, and has won several awards for his research.

Teaching Areas

Financial Economics
Financial Mathematics
Asset Pricing
Derivative Markets

Research Interests

Prof. Whelan’s research focuses on two distinct subfields:

  • Asset pricing and belief formation
  • Market microstructure
  • Publications & Working Papers

    Published Papers

    • Paul Whelan, Ingomar Krohn and Philippe Mueller, “Foreign Exchange Returns and Fixings Around the Clock,” Journal of Finance, forthcoming.
    • Paul Whelan, Nina Boyarchenko and Lars Larsen (2022), “The Overnight Drift,” Review of Financial Studies.
    • Paul Whelan, Andrea Buraschi and Ilaria Piatti (2021), “Subjective Bond Returns and Belief Aggregation,” Review of Financial Studies.
    • Paul Whelan, Matteo Leombroni, Andrea Vedolin and Gyuri Venter (2021), “Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve,” Journal of Financial Economics.
    • Paul Whelan and Andrea Buraschi (2020), “Speculation, Sentiment, and Interest Rates,” Management Science.
    • Paul Whelan and Andrea Buraschi (2016), “Bond Markets and Conventional Monetary Policy,” ‘Handbook of Fixed Income’ edited by Pietro Veronesi.
    • Paul Whelan and Andrea Buraschi (2016), Bond Markets and Unconventional Monetary Policy,” ‘Handbook of Fixed Income’ edited by Pietro Veronesi.

    Working Papers

    • Paul Whelan, Daniel Pesch and Ilaria Piatti, “Subjective Risk Premia in Bond and FX Markets”
    • Paul Whelan and Carsten Sørensen, “Money as Options”
    • Paul Whelan, Nina Boyarchenko, Lars Larsen and Gyuri Venter, “Demand Shock Asymmetry”
  • Awards & Grants
    • INQUIRE Europe Grant: Central Bank Shocks, 2022.
    • Canadian Derivatives Institute Annual Research Grant: Foreign Exchange Returns and Fixings Around the Clocks
    • Danish Research Council DFF-grant 1: principle early stage researcher, 2018.
    • Danish Research Council DFF-grant 1: early stage researcher joint with Gyuri Venter, 2018.
    • SFS Asian Cavalcade Beijing Best Paper Award: Subjective Bond Returns and Belief Aggrega-tion, 2017.
    • CICF Xiamen Best Paper Award: Subjective Bond Returns and Belief Aggregation, 2016.
    • Best PhD Thesis Imperial College London, 2015.
    • GARP Risk Management Research Award, 2013.
    • Winner Q-Group Grant Award: Speculation, Sentiment, and Interest Rates, 2012.
    • AFA Doctoral Student Travel Grant, 2012.

Huang, Guo-bo(黃國波)


  • Chief Investment Officer of CNIC Corporation Limited since 2017, responsible for its global M&A investments.
  • Director General and head of State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (SAFE) Reserve Management Department during 2002-2016, responsible for global asset allocation, investment operations and risk management of China’s foreign reserves.
  • Chief Economist and Vice Chairman of investment committee of SAFE concurrently during 2008-2016.
  • Substantiated professor of the City University of Hong Kong, senior fellow of the Asian-Pacific Financial and Forecasting Research Centre, and coordinator of EF Department’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes before 2000.
  • PhD from the University of Birmingham in the UK , Master degree from the PBCSF of Tsinghua University, and Bachelor degree from Peking University.

Teaching Areas and Research Interest

Global Asset Allocation and Management
Alternative Investments
Mergers and Acquisitions
Multinational Financial Management
Central Banking
International Financial Institutions and Markets
Exchange Rate Determination and Risk Management
Money, Banking and Investments in China

  • Academic/Professional Services
    • Member, Advisory Investment Committee, Bank of Thailand, 2018-present
    • Expatriate finance expert, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, 2000-present
    • Adjunct professor, the PBCSF Finance College, Tsinghua University, China, 2000-present

Wu, Botao(吳博韜)


Prof. Botao Wu is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Finance at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School. He obtained his PhD in Finance at NYU Stern School of Business. He is interested in market liquidity, asset pricing, and monetary policy transmissions.

Teaching Areas

Financial Management

Research Interests

Market Liquidity
Asset Pricing
Monetary Policy
Fixed Income

  • Awards & Honours
    • Best Paper Award in Market Microstructure (Semifinalist), FMA, 2021

Park, Robert Joohong


Professor Robert Park is a managing director and APAC Head of Business Development, Securities Finance, State Street Global Markets. Based in Hong Kong, he is responsible for the Business Development of Securities Finance in Asia, and before his current role, he was in charge of prime services in Asia.

Before joining State Street in 2015, Robert held senior trading roles in equity and equity derivatives at Nomura, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan. Earlier in his career, he worked as a trader of fixed income at BNP Paribas and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

He teaches derivatives trading to master’s students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Professor of Practice in Finance. His research focuses on the strategic management and behavioral aspects of financial institutions. As a way of giving back to the community, he mentors a start-up business that develops catastrophe risk models to improve the accuracy of damage to buildings and structures from natural disasters.

He holds a doctoral degree in business administration from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a master’s degree in financial mathematics from The University of Chicago, a master’s degree in finance from DePaul University in Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea.

Teaching Areas

Derivatives Trading

Research Interests

Strategic Management of Financial Institutions
Behavioral Aspects of Financial Markets

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Joohong Robert Park, Shuping Li, Andrew Delios, Wilson H.S. Tong, and Tony, H.T. Yip, “Competition and Diversification of global investment banks: A cross-country investigation from 2002 to 2021,” under review.
    • Luman Yu, Shuping Li, & Joohong Robert Park, “Who to target: Financial performance, ESG, and short-selling activities in S&P 1500 firms,” working paper.
    • Tony H.T. Yip, Wilson H.S. Tong, and Joohong Robert Park, “Bank earnings smoothing through advisory fee income: How do the Joint effects of earnings and credit ratings impact banks’ behavior,” working paper.
  • Awards & Honours
    • Excellent Paper Award in General Finance Session at 2019 Summer KIAS (Korea Insurance Academic Society) Academic Conference