Wang, Victoria Jian(王劍)


Professor Victoria Wang is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Management. Professor Wang obtained her PhD from Federation University, Australia, with a research focus on cross-cultural leadership and people effectiveness in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Professor Wang had an impressive 30-year career driving growth, transformation, and people and organisation development in esteemed companies such as IBM, DuPont and HAVI. She has been a prominent member on various global leadership boards, company Board of Directors, Global Logistics Council, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council. With extensive general management, P&L, and cross-functional experience, including over a decade in cross-cultural global leadership, Professor Wang’s strategic leadership encompasses a deep understanding of global business management, sustainability, cross-cultural dynamics, people and organisation development, mergers and acquisitions, transformation and change management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as women in leadership.

To pursue her passion for people and leverage her leadership experience to support the future leadership development, Professor Wang started teaching China Business with CUHK as part of the Undergraduate Programmes since August 2023. She became a LEAP advisor with MBA Programme since February 2024 and an Adjunct Associate Professor since April 2024. Her teaching areas also include sustainability, experiential learning and business practicum with CUHK Master’s and MBA Programmes. Professor Wang is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) assisting the transformational development of future leaders.

Teaching Areas

China Business
Sustainable Human-Environment Systems in a Business World
Experiential Learning
Business Practicum

Research Interests

Cross-Cultural Leadership
Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Internationalisation of Chinese Companies
Culture and Leadership in Sustainability
Organisation Design and Development
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Women on Board

Song, Zhiping(宋志平)

Teaching Areas

Corporate Strategy
operation and Management
Corporate Reform
Innovation and Transformation
Corporate Governance
Merger and Acquisition
Capital Operation
Corporate Culture

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Song Zhiping (2022), “Mutual Achievement of Mutual Empowerment between State owned Enterprise Reform and Capital Market,” State-Owned Assets Report, 2022(08):131-134.
    • Song Zhiping (2022), “A great company needs a great board of directors,” Directors & Boards, 2022(05):94-100.
    • Song Zhiping (2021), “Rational Understanding of the Logic and Essence of Innovation,” China SOE, 2021(13):42-43.
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    • Song Zhiping (2019), “Reflections on Cultivating Global Competitiveness of Enterprises,” State-Owned Assets Report, 2019(06):111-112.
    • Song Zhiping (2018), “Mechanism Reform and Entrepreneurial Spirit,” State-Owned Assets Report, 2018(01):11-13.
    • Song Zhiping (2017), “The pattern and capabilities of the enterprise,” Enterprise Management, 2017(10):28-31.
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    • Song Zhiping (2015), “China National Building Material Group: Promoting Enterprise Innovation through Mechanism Innovation,” Enterprise Civilization,2015(04):33-36.
    • Song Zhiping (2014), “Adhering to the principle of putting people first and pursuing inclusive growth – The corporate culture practice of China National Building Material Group,” Enterprise Civilization, 2014(02):12-14.
    • Song Zhiping (2013), “Only safety production enterprises have core competitiveness,” Qiushi, 2013(14):37-38.
    • Song Zhiping (2012), “The significance of management improvement activities is profound,” Modern SOE Research, 2012(06):13.

    Published Books:

    • Achievement Sharing Mechanism (2023)
    • Management Platform (2022)
    • New Opportunities and New Situation (2021)
    • Business First (2021)
    • Enterprise Mindset (2020)
    • Corporate Myth (2020)
    • Thoughts on Innovation (2019)
    • Thoughts on Management (2019)
    • Thoughts on Reform (2018)
    • Integration and Optimization (2015)
    • My Enterprise Outlook (2014)
    • The Business Strategy (2013)
    • Marketized SOEs (2012)
    • The Power of Inclusion (2012) etc.
  • Awards & Honours
    • The 8th Management Science Award – Special Contribution Award, 2023
    • “Downsized Organization, Refined Management and Lean Operation” won the First Prize for Enterprise Management and Modernization Innovation Achievement, 2019
    • “Regional large-scale restructuring in the cement industry” won the First Prize for Enterprise Management and Modernization Innovation Achievement, 2010
    • Lifetime Award for Outstanding Entrepreneur, 2019
    • China’s Outstanding Entrepreneur of 70 Years 70 Figures 70 Enterprises, 2019
    • Outstanding Entrepreneur in Promoting Overall Quality Management in 40 years, 2019
    • Fortune CEO Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018
    • Enterprise Leader Influencing Reform and Opening-up Process in Building Material Industry in 40 years, 2018
    • China Outstanding Quality Person Award, 2015
    • Ishikawa-Kano Award, 2015
    • China’s Innovation Model, 2014
    • Global Chinese Economic Leader, 2014
    • Chinese Economic Figure of the Year, 2012
    • Yuan Baohua Business Management Award, 2008
  • Academic/Professional Services


    • Member, The Academic Committee of the State owned Economic Research Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, (2020 – present)
    • Member, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, (1999-2003, 2004-2008, 2014-2019)

Fong, Alex(方志偉)


Dr. Fong is a scholar-practitioner. He is a believer in life-long learning. He has continued to pursue scholastic research and teaching activities alongside his career pursuits.

As a practitioner, Dr. Fong has worked in many different senior managerial capacities in both private and public sectors. As an entrepreneur, he is a Director of GRE Manufacturing Limited and GRE Alpha Electronics Limited, two privately owned electronics manufacturing companies. As an intrapreneur, he was the former CEO of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the former Directorate Officer of the Hong Kong government. As a practitioner in corporate governance, he is an independent non-executive director of Hutchison Port Holdings Limited, Hong Kong Electric Investment Limited and Tom Group International Limited.

As a scholar, Dr. Fong’s scholastic journey covers both empirical science and humanistic studies. In his DBA research, he developed a 2P3C Model to understand the sustainability of corporate human capital competitiveness. In his PhD research, he created a set of tools comprising differentiators, integrators, and connectors to help us understand the patterns of self–others interaction experience among stakeholders in enterprises. They can be deployed by CEOs to support oneness as an enterprise governance approach focusing on responsible leadership, enterprise well-being, and enterprise sustainability.

Having worked, studied, and lived in multiple places like New York City, Tokyo, London, Cambridge, Oxford, Beijing, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Singapore, he looks forward to tapping into his broad intellectual, sectoral and geographic experience to create an encounter of a different kind as he pursues his teaching and research activities at CUHK Business School.

Dr. Fong is also a coach and a counsellor.

Teaching Areas

Global Management
Economic Transformation of China
Management of Public Finance
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Business Consultancy
Strategic engagement

Research Interests

Enterprise Governance
Enterprise Well-being
Enterprise Sustainability
Business Strategy
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Competitiveness
Strategic Engagement

  • Publications & Working Papers

    Conference papers

    • “Oneness in Business,” (2023) Presented at Philosophy of Management 15th Annual Meeting EM Normandie Business School, Oxford
    • “Global Leadership under oneness: Connecting the Parts and the Wholes through Consciousness,” (2021) Presented at the International Conference on Consciousness-Based Leadership and Management, Ohio, USA
    • “Oneness And Responsible Leadership,” (2019) Presented at Academy of Management (AOM) Specialized Conference on Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies, Bled, Slovenia
    • “The Oneness of Social Entrepreneurship,” (2018) Presented at International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Family Business Mumbai, India

    Book Chapters

    • “Global Leadership Under Oneness: Connecting Conscious Parts to Conscientious Wholes,” (2023) Book chapter with Duysal Askun in the Springer Handbook of Global Leadership and Followership
    • “Responsible Leadership Under Oneness: Conscious Parts and Conscientious Wholes,” (2022) Book chapter with Duysal Askun in the Routledge Research Companion to Business with a Conscience: A Research Companion
  • Academic/Professional Services
    • Chief Strategist, Hong Kong Philosophical Practitioners Association
    • Past President, Hong Kong Association in Atlanta
    • Past advisor, Institute of Active Ageing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    • Past senior advisor, China International Chamber of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangzhou Council, Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce
    • Past advisor, Nantong City Government, China
    • Past advisor, Wuxi Business Association
    • Past member, SFC Dual Filing Advisory Group, Securities Future Commission
    • Past member. Business Facilitation Committee, Hong Kong SAR Government
    • Past secretary, Hong Kong Port and Maritime Board
    • Past secretary, Hong Kong Logistics Development Council

Li, David Shu Wing(李澍榮)


David has over 34 years of working experiences in the US and the Greater China region covering a wide spectrum of industries. From 1994 to 2016, David worked in China managed regional business for multi-nations corporations in the IT area, Fashion Retailing and the MedTech sector. In 2013, David founded his own boutique consulting company focused on helping companies entering the China market, as well as building a strong foothold for the established companies to excel in China. The strategic focus for David is in the area of M&A advisory and board governance, David had been appointed as the Independent Non-Executive Director for AK Medical Holding Co. (HK1789) since the company was listed at Hong Kong Exchange in 2017. David obtained DBA degree and MABR degree from SBS Swiss Business School, MBA from Chaminade University and BBA from University of Hawaii, in addition, David also attended executive programs from INSEAD and Harvard University.

Since 2020, David assumed the role of mentor in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKSTP, and Cyberport in providing coaching and mentorship for MedTech start-ups in Hong Kong. Moreover, David also assumed presidency of a non-profit organisation, Greater Bay MedTech Association, for promoting the development of MedTech business within the Greater Bay Area.

Teaching Areas

Global Business
Lean Strategy