Drive Innovation and Change as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are often found leading the charge at the frontiers of industry.

Many of the world’s largest businesses had modest beginnings as small businesses, but there’s a common myth that to be an entrepreneur, all you need is a good idea and luck.

The truth is it takes a powerful combination of ambition, grit, skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities facing every entrepreneur, especially in the fast-paced economies of Hong Kong and China.

I am a social entrepreneur in London. I also provide counsel to other social entrepreneurs, businesses and philanthropists, helping them maximise social change.

People often say that what you study is not ultimately related to what you do – but I don’t agree. I think our education has been an important tool, allowing us to analyse the complex world around us and to find out what has and has not already been done. Even though my major was business, I also took classes in politics, history, geography – all of which inspired me to apply my business knowledge to societal problems – and that is social entrepreneurship.

Bonnie Chiu
BBA – Global Business Studies 2013
Co-founder & CEO of Lensational, A Social Enterprise
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