Network and Learn: CUHK Business School Alumni and Friends Gathering in Shenzhen


The Role of Technology to Entrepreneurship

Join us for an evening of learning in Shenzhen on three pieces of abridged research and experience sharing from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School faculty and alumnus, followed by a networking session over light refreshments. From establishing an entrepreneurship ecosystem to influencing target customers, our speakers will share about how various technologies including the use of artificial intelligence enable Shenzhen and Hong Kong to leverage each other’s strengths to build a sustainable future for businesses.

Prof. Kevin Au will tell us why Hong Kong does not need to become the next Silicon Valley, but should make a crossover of technology entrepreneurship and metropolis entrepreneurship with Shenzhen to build the ideal destination for entrepreneurs. Prof. Shen Hao will discuss how the use of different interfaces may influence the way consumers think about a product and react toward it, and the implications technology have on us, as consumers, and marketers today. MBA alumnus Kevin Li will share about lessons from launching his startup VoiceAI in 2016, and how he turned an interesting voice AI technology into practical business opportunities that can serve the community as well as increase business efficiency.

This will be a great occasion where we bring CUHK Business School to Shenzhen, whether you are an alumnus, corporate partner or prospective candidate, we look forward to meeting you in December!


18:30–19:00 Registration (light refreshments will be served)
19:00–20:00 Opening remarks by Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean of CUHK Business School and Wei Lun Professor of Finance
Presentation Sessions
Prof. Shen Hao – Technology and Consumer Behaviour
Prof. Kevin Au – Entrepreneurship: Synergy between Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Mr. Kevin Li – The Trend and Future of Voice AI
20:00-20:20 Q&A
20:20-21:00 Networking (light refreshments will be served)


  • Prof. Kevin Au
    Associate Professor, Department of Management
    Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship
    CUHK Business School
    Topic: Entrepreneurship: Synergy between Shenzhen and Hong Kong(深圳 香港 同建創業時代)
    Prof. Kevin Au co-founded the CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship and serves as the current Director. He is also Director of the Centre for Family Business. His research interests are international management, entrepreneurship, family business, and social network. He has published dozens of academic articles, teaching cases, and book chapters, and served on the editorial boards of several academic journals. He has provided consulting and training for the government and business corporations. His clients include the Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong Cyberport, and a number of business startups and family businesses in Hong Kong.
  • Prof. Shen Hao
    Professor, Department of Marketing
    Director of MSc Programme in Marketing
    CUHK Business School
    Topic: The Impact of Technology on Consumer Behaviour(科技對消費者行為的影響)
    Prof. Shen Hao is the Director of MSc Programme in Marketing. His research interests include social media, culture, and sensory marketing. He has published 17 papers in top-tier journals, received CUHK Young Researcher Award 2011, and was named as a Marketing Science Institute (MSI) 2015 young scholar. Prof. Shen is on the Editorial Review Boards of Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology and Journal of Retailing. He also teaches an MBA course on the topic of digital marketing.
  • Mr. Kevin Li (MBA 2016)
    Co-founder and CEO, VoiceAI Technologies Co. Ltd.
    Topic: Creating Sustainable Impact with Voice AI Technologies(讓AI聲聲不息)
    Mr. Kevin Li is the Co-founder and CEO of VoiceAI Technologies. He holds a BBA from Nankai University, and obtained an MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. He has over 10 years of ID security and biometrics business and project management experiences. VoiceAI technologies is a typical AI company at the crossing field of artificial intelligence and biometrics. It uses the most advanced technologies in speech recognition and speaker verification, with the aim of identifying individuals by their voices. In May 2018, VoiceAI offered the voiceprint solution to Indonesia pension fund for remote life certifications of 2.5 million retired people. This is the first, large-scale use of voiceprint recognition technology by a state-level social security institution.


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