Webinar : Open API in Commercial Banking

Nowadays, Open API is a known technology. Some of us might know how Open Banking works but many are exploring the opportunities in this new normal amid COVID-19. As Open API can significantly improve integration capability in a technical way, people wonder if cross-industry partnership corridor could simply be opened up. Is Open API the answer? How could we tap into the trend? In this webinar, we explore the impact of banking business under the development of Open Banking in Hong Kong and, more importantly, the way to catch the opportunity of Beyond Banking!

Sign up for the evening webinar organised by The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) on 21 July 2020. All are welcome!

About the Speaker:

Mr. Cliff Chan
Director, Digital & Channels, Commercial Banking, HSBC

Mr. Cliff Chan is a passionate banking executive on Technology x Finance Strategy. His current focus is on ecosystem and platform economy. Before starting his new journey as ecosystem and platform economy, Cliff focused on banking technology. In 2018, he was the Head of IT, Commercial Banking at Hang Seng Bank overseeing the strategic digital investment in various functions including Commercial Banking, Global Liquidity and Cash Management, Global Trade, and Receivable Finance and Payments. Prior to his position at Hang Seng Bank, Cliff was the Chief Architect of Global Digital Business Banking (DBB) Programme, leading the technological advancement for the business banking segment in major markets.

Cliff has been awarded the Distinguished Engineer (DE) in HSBC Group IT in 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from McMaster University in Canada.