Get a Head Start in Your Career and Become an Accountant

Every business needs an accountant, making it one of the most in-demand and versatile jobs in the world.

An accounting degree allows you entry into every industry in almost every part of the world, including dynamic economies like Hong Kong and Greater China.

The responsibilities of an accountant are more complex than simply tallying up numbers. Accountants record, organise, and summarise a business’s financial information. They are also responsible for analysing and interpreting the data, and then communicating their insights to decision-makers. Accountants spend much of their time investigating a business’s finances, which should intrigue those who have a strong drive to uncover data.

As an international student from Malaysia, I began pursuing my bachelor’s degree with a double major in Professional Accountancy (PACC) and Integrated BBA in CUHK since 2014, joining the Global Accounting Stream in 2015. I am going to graduate in June 2018 and join one of the big four CPA firms, PwC, as the first platform to start and develop my professional career. PACC offered truly valuable and rewarding experiences as it exposed me to a wide range of opportunities and allowed me to grow and learn from great professors, industry leaders and talented classmates. It also provided me a chance to gain overseas study trip and summer exchange experiences, as well as various scholarships and internship experiences.

In addition, I was given a chance to participate in many case competitions. For instance, with the support of the department and dedicated professors, my team stood out among hundreds of excellent teams as the champion team in the 2016 QP Case Competition organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I felt so glad to win an honour for School of Accountancy at CUHK Business School, and I am also proud to be one of the members of this warm-hearted big family. The programme also gave me valuable exposure and insights into case analytical and presentation skills, enhancing the accounting knowledge that I learned in classes. I greatly appreciate PACC for offering me such a fruitful university experience and for allowing me to enrich my life.

Genie Yee Sye Ying
PACC 2018
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