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Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Home Away from Home: International Students Share Their Aspirations and Experience at CUHK Business School

Having a global mindset is a valuable trait as we live in an increasingly interconnected world; whether you are considering studying aboard or have plans to, one of the most exciting things is that...

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Having a global mindset is a valuable trait as we live in an increasingly interconnected world; whether you are considering studying aboard or have plans to, one of the most exciting things about deciding where to study is that you have literally the whole world to choose from.

If you are a prospective international student, it is important to do your research to ensure you gain the most from the opportunities offered at the chosen university, and have a happy and solid study experience.

While you can easily obtain facts and information by visiting university websites, reading program brochures, and obtaining different opinions from various student forums, having a list of criteria would be most helpful. In addition, speaking to current students at the university would also give you a more comprehensive picture of how the university is like. Many of the students take the below factors into consideration when they look for a university abroad. What are yours?

• Personal interest 
• Location of the university
• Academic reputation 
• Program content
• Opportunities offered (graduate opportunities, internship, study trips, exchange programs, etc.)
• Accommodation

CUHK Business School is a global community, currently with more than 3,000 undergraduate students representing more than 20 nationalities. You would have the opportunity to embrace cultural diversity, expand your own global network and develop a truly international world-view. Start your application now!

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Hear from Our Students

Three international students have recently shared with us their decision on why they have chosen CUHK Business School to further their studies.

intl student RadhikaNarang

Radhika Narang (International Student from India, Global Business Studies)
“I am passionate about finance and was naturally drawn towards the tremendous opportunities in Hong Kong and the all-round education at CUHK. Apart from academics, study trips abroad and exchange programs, I have participated in multiple extra-curricular activities, such as organizing the TEDxCUHK conference, working as a financial technology student consultant and winning the Microsoft Business Case Competition. I strongly believe that CUHK is a great place to study if you aim to pursue academic excellence, gain international exposure, build a strong network, and develop your talents.”

intl student Pascal

Pascal Kedves (International Student from Germany, Integrated BBA)
“I chose to study at CUHK Business School as it is one of the leading academic institutions in Asia. Being affiliated with the Lee Woo Sing College, participating in student activities such as case competitions, academic trips and other extracurricular activities has been very rewarding and quintessential for my integration into the local student community. I am proud of being a student of the CUHK Business School and believe it is a great opportunity for everyone who is excited about academic and entrepreneurial challenges, especially in association with the future of China."

intl student Anna-Ni

Anna Ni (International Student from Kazakhstan, Hotel & Tourism Management)
"Studying abroad was a momentous decision leading me to a new stage of life, full of challenges and changes. I came to Hong Kong since this vibrant city is a wonderful place to study hospitality, and I chose CUHK Business School because of its reputation as a world-class institute which provides a variety of career opportunities and broadens students’ horizon. After my first year of study, I had a chance to accomplish the internship in Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin. Moreover, I find it great to study in a multicultural atmosphere and enhance my knowledge through interacting with different people every day. I am really happy to be a part of this community!”

Click here to read further about Coralie Herrmann (from Germany, Integrated BBA) and Seiit Kulubaev (from Kyrgyzstan, Integrated BBA)’s experience and to find out how they are getting on with their university life here at CUHK Business School.

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This article was first published in CU iBUS (December 2017 issue) by the Undergraduate Office, CUHK Business School.