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A New Generation Perpetuating Business Management Excellence with a Humanistic Spirit

Sean Tam (International Business and Chinese Enterprise 2021)

Advancing Teaching Excellence to Keep the Legacy Flame Alive

Dr Andrew Yuen (MPhil in Business Economics 2003, Integrated BBA 1999)
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology and Director of Executive MBA Programme

Cultivating a Pipeline of Trustworthy Business Talent

Prof. Michael Fung (BSSc in Economics 1985)
Professor, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

More than Business: Beliefs that Transcend Generations

CUHK Business School’s 60th Anniversary Special People Story Series

Enlightened by the Humanistic Spirit and the Limitless Possibility of Business

Bonnie Chiu (GBS 2013)
Lensational Co-Founder
Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur (Europe)

CUHK Business School

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School is a global institution that embraces innovation, nurtures entrepreneurial mindsets, promotes social responsibility, and retains deep connections to the Pearl River Delta region.

Over the past two decades, business programmes have been gaining popularity in Hong Kong. More and more students choose to continue their studies in business to enhance their competitiveness. CUHK Business School is the ideal place for them to learn the ropes and find new paths to success in their future.

Programmes at CUHK Business School

As one of the top universities in Hong Kong, CUHK Business School offers a portfolio of business programmes such as BBA, MBA, and Executive MBA. It also jointly runs the MBA in Finance programme with Tsinghua University and the Executive Master of Professional Accountancy with Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI).

Finding and being accepted into your selected programme is very important and could affect your future career path. Before adding the programme to your wish list, you have to learn about its admission requirements and explore your opportunities and possibilities at CUHK.

Stay relevant. CUHK Business School regularly introduces new courses and programmes to reflect changing business needs, so that our students are always on the cutting edge.

Find your programme

Find your programme

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CUHK Business School alumni network actively influences thoughts and businesses around the globe. Find out how our alumni are making a difference.

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