EMBA Information Session and Master Class: Survive & Succeed in Global Disordering


Strategic planning is crucial for the successes of both individuals and corporations. However, under the current global uncertainties, we could be confused as things are not really happening as they are ‘reasonably’ expected. In fact, the World is a bit chaotic because of the COVID-19 outbreaks, arm wrestling between nations, social unrests, extreme weather, rising of technology, the development of virtual reality spaces such as metaverse, and so on. Thus, what are the implications for us? Are the skills and knowledge developed by academics over the last few decades under the old order still applicable and allow us to ‘see through’ the complicated issues today?  If they are not good enough, what modifications should we make to understand and predict the World? In fact, what is the ‘old order’? Are there new skills we need to master for surviving and succeeding in today’s chaotic situation?

In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the Programme Highlights 
  • Experience an EMBA master class by our top-notch faculty Prof. Wilton Chau
  • Meet our Alumni and Students to find out more about their career growth and transformation through their CUHK EMBA studies
  • Meet the Admissions Team and get personalised advice on your EMBA candidacy from our Programme Director directly.