EMBA Sample Class & Info Session

Business executives working in a cross-cultural environment find it extremely difficult to understand what are the real attitude, mentality, and motive of the persons on the opposite side of the negotiation table. This affects their making of appropriate decisions as far as management and strategic moves are concerned.

In this sample class, we will relate some of the most frequently cited western idioms/best quotes with several corresponding Classical Chinese Philosophical Thoughts to shed light on how to make better managerial decisions in a cross-cultural business context.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the Programme Highlights
  • Experience an EMBA Sample Class by our top-notch faculty Prof. Andrew Chan
  • Hear from our Alumni about their unique learning experiences and career growth and transformation through EMBA study
  • Understand the Application and Admission Process

*Online live streaming will also be available for the event