60 Years and Beyond: Enduring Commitment to Future Generations

Dialogue with Alumni at CUHK Business School’s 60th Anniversary


Business has long been integral to the development of modern society and urban culture. Hong Kong’s remarkable progress since the 1970s is the result of countless practitioners contributing their talents in a variety of fields and making a positive, lasting impact on the local, regional and global economies. With an educational philosophy emphasising both academics and the humanistic spirit, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has worked tirelessly since 1963 to help students discover and develop their potential and realise their dreams, while fostering a brighter future for all.

During six decades of unwavering dedication to business education, CUHK Business School has bestowed more than just business knowledge. Students are instilled with an appreciation for business ethics and integrity, an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, a belief in collaboration and sharing, and an unyielding commitment to give back to society.

These are qualities that can be found time and again in the large contingent of CUHK Business School alumni, including three graduates in particular who, despite earning degrees in different eras and excelling in separate fields, all represent the core values that the School stands for. They are Prof. Kam-hon Lee, Emeritus Professor of Marketing of CUHK Business School (BBA 1967, MBA 1969), Peter Hung (BBA in Marketing 1980), President and Chief Representative of Forbes Global Holdings, and Bonnie Chiu (GBS 2013), Co-founder of Lensational, an international social enterprise.

Prof. Kam-hon Lee, Emeritus Professor of Marketing of CUHK Business School (Left) and Peter Hung, President and Chief Representative of Forbes Global Holdings

Prof. Lee served as Dean of Business Administration from 1993 to 1999 and Director of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management from 2001 to 2012. To him, universities are a cradle of intellectual enlightenment imparting knowledge through teaching and wisdom through service. Much like business education represents the synthesis of theory and practice, CUHK Business School plays a unique role in the development of business principles rooted in Chinese culture while nurturing generations of business leaders to benefit the world.

Prof. Kam-hon Lee, Emeritus Professor of Marketing of CUHK Business School (Left) and Peter Hung, President and Chief Representative of Forbes Global Holdings

Peter was a student of Prof. Lee. For more than 25 years, he has worked in contrasting cultures and disparate business environments in the United States and Hong Kong. He considers the “great learning” of university to be the ability to “learn to learn”, to constantly explore the world for knowledge and strive for excellence. In his opinion, these qualities are crucial for improving humanity and society as a whole. Peter believes that CUHK Business School’s deep respect for Chinese culture and extensive international exposure offer graduates a distinct advantage in their professional pursuits. Whether they choose to specialise in Asian or Mainland markets or decide to take on the world, their experience at CUHK ensures they are poised for success.

Bonnie founded Lensational in 2013 with an aim to improve the problem of gender disparity and to help disadvantaged women through photography.

Bonnie, a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur (Europe) honouree, considers CUHK Business School’s “value-based education” to be the factor that sets it apart from other schools. This educational approach enables students to broaden their perspectives and prepare for their post-graduation life journeys. She characterises her time at CUHK Business School as a personal era of enlightenment. During those years, she explored issues related to philosophy, humanity and nature, and studied the collaboration of social enterprises and commercial organisations. Inspired to reimagine the possibilities of business and social innovation, and driven to put CUHK’s humanistic values into practice, she founded Lensational, an organisation aspiring to empower women and girls through the power of photography.

Peter Hung, President and Chief Representative of Forbes Global Holdings (6th from right), and Bonnie Chiu, Co-founder of Lensational (3rd from right).

Bonnie and Peter are both members of the CUHK’s Global Alumni Advisory Board, where they are helping the university provide more opportunities for students to broaden their global horizons.

In the face of profound digital and geopolitical shifts impacting the world with increasing regularity, these three alumni share a vision: they hope to see CUHK Business School continue to champion time-tested values, inspire future generations, contribute to society and uphold the CUHK spirit through its centennial and beyond.