In Search of Ancestral Roots and New Frontiers

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has been a pioneer in business education in Hong Kong and Asia. Over the past 60 years, it has nurtured a diverse group of outstanding business leaders, attracting students from all over the globe. Students who come to study and live in this culturally inclusive and dynamic learning environment include many overseas Chinese and their descendants. While the majority hope to gain the most advanced business knowledge and broaden their horizons, some also hope to take the opportunity to trace their roots. Angela Gosari (IBCE 2023) is one of them.

Angela, hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia, is a fourth-generation Chinese with roots tracing back to Guangzhou. Proficient in Indonesian, English and some Putonghua, she has harboured a long-standing desire to explore her ancestral homeland and unearth opportunities for her talents in this expansive market.

As a foreign student, Angela was aware of being a minority in her classes. Initially presuming her global perspectives would provide a learning advantage, she soon realised that both local and international students were equally diligent and engaged in their academic pursuits and lives. Adjusting to the city’s pace took some time, and building connections with classmates required more effort than anticipated. However, as Angela adapted to the city’s rhythm, she grew closer to her peers. They shared Hong Kong stories and introduced her to the local culture, nurturing a sense of love and support within her class. “My classmates were all exceptional students. They motivated me to strive for greater academic excellence. The positive peer pressure also became a driving force, urging me to push myself further.”

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Arriving in Hong Kong amidst the onset of the pandemic, Angela found herself spending more time on campus with classmates. Limited options for activities led to shared moments in dormitories, fostering friendships and late-night conversations. Angela’s fondest memories, however, revolve around the unexpected support from CUHK faculty members, deepening her affection for the CUHK family. “Contrary to my expectations, professors actively engaged with students outside the classroom. I was pleasantly surprised.” Describing herself as a sunflower, Angela’s joyous heart is nurtured by the CUHK campus, radiating a brighter smile.

After several years of studying and living in Hong Kong, Angela, like many foreigners, has developed a fondness for the city’s distinct seasons and urban landscape. Despite the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island, where towering buildings line the MTR stations and people hurriedly go about their daily lives, she appreciates the ease of escaping to nearby beaches or engaging in mountain hikes, immersing herself in a serene environment.

Post-graduation, Angela chose to remain in Hong Kong, working for an international tech consultancy. She sees the tech industry as offering more opportunities than she would find in Indonesia. With plans to stay in her adopted home for a few more years, Angela envisions exploring new frontiers in other major Mainland cities, such as Shanghai, in the future.