Be the Author of Your Life – The Stories of Four GBS Alumni

In this video, four alumni from the Global Business Studies (GBS) programme share with you their inspiring university experience and stories.


Date: 16 October, 2014

Four alumni from the Global Business Studies (GBS) programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School, Judy Kong (Batch 1), Bonnie Chiu (Batch 6), Anna Leung (Batch 7) and Keith Poon (Batch 6)

Every university student has his or her own journey — some are unique while others resonate with fellow students. In the new book, “The Elites’ Diary – Walking the GBS Journey”《尖子日記 ── 走過GBS的旅程》, 40-plus students and alumni from the GBS programme share their university experiences. In the first part of this video, two of the book’s editors, Anna Leung and Keith Poon will give you an introduction of the book. Four GBS alumni will then share with you their stories. They hope that their stories can be a source of encouragement for prospective and current university students.
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