CUHK Mourns the Passing of Distinguished Alumnus Mr. Tsang Shing-ngai Victor

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is deeply saddened to learn that alumnus Mr. Tsang Shing-ngai Victor died in yesterday’s air crash in Ethiopia. The University has contacted his family to express its condolences, and will try its best to provide them with appropriate assistance.

Mr. Tsang graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at CUHK. He worked for non-profit organisations for many years, making remarkable contributions to society. He was currently working in the United Nations Office in Kenya promoting environmental protection and sustainable development. Although he lived overseas for many years, he still cared about his alma mater’s affairs. He returned to Hong Kong as a guest lecturer for the University’s Global Studies Programme, and shared his views on sustainable development with students. He hoped to increase the level of concern for the environment and create a better future for the next generation. Mr. Tsang’s enthusiasm for promoting sustainable development was truly admirable.

Note: Mr. Tsang Shing-ngai Victor was a 2004 graduate of CUHK Business School’s Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme. Please click here for Mr. Tsang’s biography.

This article was first published in the CUHK website.