Standout by Investing in an Overseas Education

Should working professionals stay in their home countries or travel abroad for an MBA? Challenges, an influential French business magazine, discussed this question with a CUHK MBA alumnus.

Getting an MBA abroad can give working professionals a new dimension to their career paths. It is a question of priorities when deciding to stay in France or going overseas for a full-time MBA programme. The United States dominates global MBA rankings but there are plenty of offers in Europe and Asia. MBAs offered by business schools in the U.S. typically takes two years but those in Europe and Asia can be completed within a year. The expenses incurred can vary, and it is advisable to study in the geographical region where you want to secure a placement.

In an interview with Challenges magazine, CUHK MBA alumnus Philippe Delplancke said, “In the past, pursuing an MBA gave you access to important positions in multinational corporations but nowadays, this has changed. I personally prefer working in smaller companies with a more agile structure which allows me to take up more responsibilities. I thrive in my work and learn new skills through day-to-day management. The fact that I’ve studied in Hong Kong allows me to have great conversations with my colleagues at Nanoleaf China.”

After graduating from CUHK Business School’s full-time MBA programme in 2014, Delpancke joined Nanoleaf’s Paris office as Managing Director for the EMEA region. The Canadian startup specialises in LED lighting, developing sustainable and focused lighting solutions for both non-connected and the connected space.

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Source: Challenges
Date published: 31 May 2018