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CUHK Business School’s robust alumni network, boasting over 40,000 members worldwide, flourishes through dedicated alumni fostering strong connections. With the recent appointment of 83 new Global Alumni Ambassadors (GAA) from 26 countries, let’s get to know some of the new members as they share their insights, experiences and aspirations.

Henry Lam (IBBA 2023)
Associate Consultant, JIIE Consulting
Madrid, Spain

Susan Hong (PACC 1995)
Private Practice | Personal Development Coaching, IMD Business School
Zurich, Switzerland

Atsushi Sugiyama (MBA 2016)
CEO, Sun-up Corporation (Thailand) Limited
Bangkok, Thailand

Q1. Could you briefly describe your current job scope or responsibilities?

  • Henry: As a fresh graduate, I lead a consulting project for a start-up company. Working with a team of five associate consultants, we focus on identifying key revenue issues and proposing strategic solutions to enhance profitability.
  • Susan: As a personal development coach for MBA candidates, I support them in accessing their inner resources during times of change and challenges. My role is to equip them with confidence and readiness for successful career transitions. Additionally, in my private practice, I assist adults with personal development, mental health challenges, and career choices.
  • Atsushi: I hold multiple positions within Sun-up Corporation, specialising in comprehensive 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) solutions for manufacturing clients. I am a director at the Japan headquarters and the executive CEO of the Hong Kong and Thailand branches. Additionally, I serve as a director for two other Thai companies established by Sun-up.

Q2. Please describe your residing location in three words.

  • Henry: Dynamic, passionate, and diverse. Madrid is a city brimming with energy. Spanish people’s passion adds vibrant colours to our lives, fostering a motivating work culture. Despite cultural differences, the locals are always welcoming, and their receptivity and friendliness has left a lasting impression on my life journey in Spain.
  • Susan: Scenic, diverse, and efficient. Switzerland captivates visitors with stunning landscapes and picturesque towns. Its multilingualism and blend of cultural influences add to its richness. Renowned for its efficiency, the country excels in transportation, governance, and public services, reflecting Swiss punctuality, precision, and dedication to quality.
  • Atsushi: Diverse, generous, and merciful. Thailand, also known as the “land of smiles,” upholds equality and mercy from its Buddhist roots. Thai people’s generosity extends to foreigners, offering them opportunities to contribute to society and the economy.

Q3. Which industry do you see as having strong business potential in your residing location?

  • Henry: Spain’s financial services sector holds immense growth potential. While tourism has long been a major source of national income, it provides a solid foundation for the growth of tertiary service industries, such as the financial market. Consulting and investment sectors are also gaining strength, attracting prominent firms to establish their offices in Spain.
  • Susan: Switzerland excels in healthcare, with a growing emphasis on mental health and holistic well-being. This aligns with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s efforts in creating resilient and sustainable communities in recent years. I sincerely hope that the importance of individual well-being will continue to gather momentum in my hometown, Hong Kong, as well.
  • Atsushi: The Thai government actively promotes the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy model, and encourages investors to engage in SDGs and ESG-related businesses by providing various incentives. Our business aligns with the BCG model, contributing to society through our 3Rs solutions.

Q4. What is the one thing you miss the most during your study at CUHK Business School?

  • Henry: I genuinely miss the moments when I would gather with my friends near the swimming pool to share our highs and lows at midnight. The nights spent studying for exams and working on group projects are also indelibly etched in my memory, evoking a bittersweet nostalgia.
  • Susan: I fondly reminisce about the lemon pie from the “med canteen” in the old days, with its unmatched unique, refreshing, and citrusy flavour. It’s not just the taste I miss, but also the cherished company of friends, making the memories truly unforgettable.
  • Atsushi: The entrepreneurship course was my most memorable MBA experience. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the guidance and expertise provided by our professor were invaluable in shaping my business plan. The insightful suggestions also played a crucial role in my subsequent success.

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The interviews first appeared in CUHK Business School Alumni Website, abridged with permission from the School’s Alumni Affairs and Development Office.