Be the Author of Your Life

Every university student has his or her own journey — some are unique while others resonate with fellow students. In the new book, “The Elites’ Diary – Walking the GBS Journey”, a group of Global Business Studies students and alumni share their university experiences with readers.

Every university student has his or her own journey—some are unique while others resonate with fellow students. In the new book, “The Elites’ Diary – Walking the GBS Journey”(尖子日記 ── 走過GBS的旅程), a group of students and alumni from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School’s Global Business Studies (GBS) programme share their university experiences. Divided into six chapters, the book written in Chinese covers their university journey from start to finish: Admissions, the CUHK experience, Exchange, Career, Interpersonal Relationships and Graduation. All stories are told from the heart.

How the Book Began – A Casual Conversation

The idea of a publication began during a leisurely lunch break at the school canteen. Anna Leung (GBS, Batch 7) and Kate Tsoi (GBS, Batch 9), two of the book’s editors were talking to a friend from another faculty. The friend gazed into their eyes and asked, “Do you think that all GBS graduates will work at investment banks, and that students from other faculties might become become beggars?” Surprised and overwhelmed by such a question, Anna and Kate decided to gather stories from their fellow GBS classmates with the aim to clarify such common misconceptions. Preparation began in April 2014 and after securing a publisher, writing and editing went full steam ahead.. The book was launched and sold at the recent Hong Kong Book Fair in July.

Encouragement for Fellow Students

The 40-plus contributors want to reach out to prospective and current university students with their collection of personal stories, hoping to shed light on the limitless opportunities while studying at university. In particular, the authors wanted to inform prospective students of the opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead during their four-year years at university. They hope that the book can be a source of encouragement for their peers. To those students who feel hesitant about following their dreams, perhaps these stories can empower them; to those who feel lost or discouraged, perhaps these stories can encourage them–because the writers have gone through the same ups and downs.

Stay True to Your Hearts

The GBS programme is also known as GLOBE (Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education) and it offers global learning opportunities to broaden students’ horizon. There are two exchange visits to Copenhagen and North Carolina, as well as the study trips to Europe, Asia and the United States. At the end of the day, however, how much one gains from these opportunities depends on one’s attitude.

While it is hard to say what a typical GBS student is like, it is evident from the writers that they are determined to stay true to their hearts and live their own lives. As they embark on a new chapter of their lives, they will continue to be the author of their own journey.

Contributed by Anna Leung, a GBS batch 7 student and an editor of “The Elites’ Diary – Walking the GBS Journey” with editorial inputs from Louisa Wah Hansen

Photo by Queenie Li, a GBS batch 6 student