Celebration of Culture Diversity at UBSC International Food Fair

On 18 March 2016, the United Business Students Club (UBSC) organised the UBSC International Food Fair to share the splendid cross-cultural experience within the School.

Students enjoyed a splendid cross-cultural experience at the International Food Fair: a mini social business challenge organised by the United Business Students Club (UBSC) on 18 March, 2016. The appreciation of food was met with celebrations of cultures. Students enjoyed a wide variety of international cuisines while mingling with friends and peers, understanding different cultural elements from around the world.

With food varying from Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Taiwanese to Southern Asian cuisines, the chefs de cuisine of this diverse kitchen were a group of local and international students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School.

“After working tirelessly on designing the menu, the team decided to focus on traditional South Korean home-made food such as ‘Kim-pop’ (triangle rice cake) and ‘Hotteok’ (Honey cake). We then went to South Korea during the winter break to source the ingredients from local markets for the food fair,” said Janice Yun (Integrated BBA, Year 2), who ran the Korean counter. “We wanted to create an authentic cultural experience for people who visit our counter.”

Delicious aromas filled the air as guests waited for the opening ceremony by the event special guests, Prof. Dennis Fan, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), and Dr. John Lai, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Director of Global Business Programs at CUHK Business School. The event began with cheer and lively interactions among the guests. “The International Food Fair is a platform to further promote international culture within the Business School. Food is the international language of friendship; through its celebration, people from diverse cultures can integrate and learn to appreciate each other more,” said Dr. Lai, also the advisor of UBSC.

The event concluded with a joyful bonding of friendships, with the event’s earnings generously donated to Kely Support Group, a local charity group dedicated to empowering young people to achieve their potential.

This article was first published in CU iBUS Issue April 2016, a publication of the CUHK Business School’s Undergraduate Office.
Photo courtesy: Kristian Jiraruangkiat (IBBA, Year 2) and Edmond Siu