CUHK Business School Students Explore Japanese Culture and Business Practice on Study Trip

Students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School’s Professional Accountancy (PACC) programme Global Accounting stream recently took part in an 8-day study trip to Osaka, Kobe and Nagoya in Japan. The study trip provided students with firsthand workplace exposure, cross-cultural insights and networking opportunities, all of which will help them better navigate the complex world of business.

The pandemic has limited opportunities for overseas exchange in the past few years, making this study trip the first overseas learning experience for many students. During the trip, the students participated in a seminar on Digital Analytics and Big Data in Asia hosted by the NUCB Business School in Nagoya. They also visited various companies such as Daikin, Asahi Forge and Alpen Group to witness how corporations use technology and implement sustainable development goals. Besides, the students also paid a visit to the Start-up Division of the Aichi Prefectural Government in Nagoya, learning how the Japanese government discovers, attracts and nurtures startups and promotes innovation.

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The trip provided an opportunity for students to exchange thoughts with people at the organisations they visited. Before the trip, the students researched some major business issues in Hong Kong and Japan, and made a presentation on entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong as part of their pre-trip assignment. They also had a chance to mingle with local and international students studying at Kobe University to enrich their cross-cultural learning.

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Being part of the course requirement for the Global Accounting stream of PACC Programme, the study trip blends theoretical knowledge with real-world exposure, inspiring critical thinking and improving interpersonal skills. Participating students are subsidised through the stream admission scholarship donated by alumni, industry leaders as well as professional firms.

One of the students, Zoe Lee (PACC, Global Accounting Stream, Year 4) said, “The pandemic limited our chances to go for an overseas exchange. This study trip is my first overseas learning experience in my tertiary education. It helped develop my cross-cultural perspectives.”

Another student, Lanka Yu (PACC, Global Accounting Stream, Year 2) said, added, “The learning activity stimulates my reflection on the power of data in solving business issues and how businesses should use data ethically.”