Look Forward, and Spark Onward!

What do you look forward to in a new school year or even a new chapter of life?

“Look Forward” is the tagline, the brand expression introduced by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School in 2019. It is an attitude, an inspiration to our action rather than an action itself. It is the forward-looking spirit we cultivate in our people – who constantly seek out and encourage new ways of learning, thinking and engaging with the community. We share a determination to make the future better for all.

At CUHK, students can learn about different ways of life beyond textbooks. They can maximise their potential to become their best selves through an array of experiences and exposures. By bringing in impactful research, global perspectives and life lessons, our faculty members empower students to make an impact on their future.

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Looking forward also means focusing on developing our people to meet the challenges and provide solutions of the future. When our students become alumni, they would become forward thinkers with their competitive edge – owning a well-rounded mindset and key skillset, as well as an extensive alumni network. Such “Look Forward” attitude enables them to navigate through changes nimbly whenever life throws a curveball.

Amidst a future with COVID-19 uncertainty locally and globally, CUHK Business School unleashes the “spark” in our people to shine through highs and lows. To that end, as students embarked on their CUHK journey, how can they glow as they grow in both professional and personal spheres? Watch the video below to find out more.

View this video on CUTV.

Just as the star-like “spark” in our logo symbolises enlightenment, the School has boldly blazed a trail for business education in Hong Kong and Asia, and continues to enlighten many. We nurture innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in socially minded leaders, leveraging on our deep connections to the Pearl River Delta to actively contribute to the social and economic development of this region.

As you envisage your future and carve out your own path, we hope you will share our #LookForward spirit and #BeYourSpark. Explore what’s in your future with us now!