MBA Mentorship Programme Kicks off

On 11 October, over 150 mentors and mentees of the CUHK MBA Mentorship Programme attended an official kick-off ceremony, meeting each other for the first time. Debuted in 2003, the Mentorship Programme forms part of MBA studies that gives first year full-time and second year part-time MBA students the opportunity to benefit from former graduates’ real-life experience.

To date, over 1500 alumni and students have been involved in this programme either as a mentor or mentee. It provides an invaluable one-on-one coaching and guidance to help MBA students with their personal and career development. Many of the programme’s mentors are notable business leaders such as chairpersons, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, managing directors, general managers, presidents and unit heads from leading home-grown and multinational companies as well as successful founders of startups. The earliest graduate of the list graduated in 1980, and the latest graduated in 2013, covering banking and finance, FinTech, HR, FMCG, property development, emerging tech, public sectors and more.

MBA Mentorship 18 (1)
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MBA Mentorship 18 (1)

CUHK Business School has over 35,000 alumni worldwide in which 8,000 are MBA graduates. The School’s alumni network is the largest in Hong Kong with 18 alumni associations and chapters and 39 alumni ambassadors in cities all over the world. It is the strong and dedicated alumni such as yourselves that helps the School to build an impressive regional and international community and to establish mutually rewarding relationships.