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Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Zhenyu GAO

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Shareholders of Chinese property developer Tianjin Realty Development recently rejected a motion to establish a Chinese Communist Party committee within the company. Nikkei Asian Review invited Prof. Tianyu Zhang to share his viewpoints on the case..... Read More
In an interview with Shanghai Daily, Stephanie Villemagne and Lawrence Chan shares with the media how CUHK Business School is leading the response to the latest trends through the launch of a pre-experience master's in management program and a blende... Read More
Commenting on UnionPay's oversea expansion, Simon Lee told Financial Times that "this is an effort to expand China's financial influence globally. The recognition of Chinese brands, especially in finance, is very low abroad. Companies like this [Unio... Read More
Prof. Ying-yi Hong's research has found that feelings of social inferiority can cause people to eat more food and food that has a lot of fat in it... Read More
In her keynote speech delivered at the Classified Post HR Conference, Prof. S. Noorein Inamdar said that human resources is pivotal in engaging people across cultures so they can work together in a way that creates substantial value. Find out more in... Read More
Prof. Xufei Ma shares with Xinhua News Agency his views on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area. It is envisioned that the city clusters will provide mutual advantages, better regional collaborations, competitiveness and enhanced livability Read More
In terms of entrepreneurship, Hong Kong need not be Shenzhen, according to Prof. Kevin Au who shared with Nikkei Asian Review in a press conference. He further explained that the relationship between Hong Kong and Shenzhen resembled that of Silicon V... Read More
Global Business Studies alumna Bonnie Chiu shares with Hong Kong Economics Times about Lensational’s success in empowering marginalized women with photography across the globe. Read More
In the press conference announcing the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Hong Kong and Shenzhen Report 2016-17, Prof. Kevin Au advocated Hong Kong and Shenzhen should join force in formation of complementary advantages to foster international competiti... Read More
Samsung vice chairman Lee Jae-yong is facing a range of corruption charges. Prof. Joseph Fan told Vice News that "the government and business relationships will continue to be close [in South Korea], and there will always be corrupt bureaucrats to co... Read More
In an interview with eFinancialCareers, Prof. Noorein Inamdar says that "banking is a competitive industry which attracts very talented people, but it's lacking in leadership skills because its leaders are often hyper-focused on their work and don't ... Read More
The world's largest bike maker Giant Manufacturing is undergoing transition from the old to new generation. In an interview with Nikkei Asian Review, Prof. Joseph Fan said that while the company may have made sufficient preparations, "the weakest tim... Read More
Commenting on a recent criticism about supermarkets selling over-packaged strawberries, Prof. Lisa Wan told Hong Kong Free Press that packaged produce can give consumers the perception that the product is higher quality, and supermarkets can take adv... Read More
With deep pockets and extensive networks, big family conglomerates continue to boost their clout in the Asian markets. In an interview with Nikkei Asian Review, Prof. Joseph Fan says family-run businesses "usually do better than state-owned enterpris... Read More
In an interview with, journal of AmCham, Stephanie Villemagne says that business education, like all others, must adapt to stay relevant to their stakeholders (students, faculty, companies, etc.)... Read More
Fitch Ratings' recent report warned that Chinese banks' rapid expansion of infrastructure lending in emerging markets could expose China to overseas asset quality problems. Simon Lee shared his viewpoints with Financial Times... Read More
In an interview with The Standard, Dean Chan said the CUHK-Citibank University Banking Course was the icing on the cake for the university's current banking course and hope students can get a true sense of what skills are required in the real workpla... Read More
In an interview with South China Morning Post, Stephanie Villemagne says CUHK MBA has offered new course modules on big data, innovation, and social impact investment this year. Major steps have also been taken to enhance leadership training and rein... Read More
Commenting on Money Bazaar, a new P2P currency exchange service, Simon Lee said in an interview with China Daily that the service is new to Hong Kong and the rates offered are attractive, but it takes time for users to exchange big sums of money thro... Read More
In an interview with South China Morning Post, CUHK EMBA alumnus Maurice Mo said his EMBA experience took him outside his comfort zone but was worth every minute of it and he was surprised and motivated by learning from the wisdom of I Ching about le... Read More