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Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

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Prof. Joseph Fan told CNBC in an interview that “the announcement on Li Ka-shing’s retirement symbolizes Li’s confidence in business continuity.”... Read More
Family business succession is a delicate matter. Commenting on Li Ka-shing's retirement, Prof. Joseph Fan told The Economist that family-run firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan lost 60 percent of their value on average in the years before and af... Read More
Almost a year ago, Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada was ousted from his company by his own son. Now, he is looking to take back control of his gaming empire. Prof. Shige Makino told South China Morning Post that with her daughter’s backup on company ... Read More
Three CUHK MBA graduates Fritz Lin, Rongxin He, and Raymond Tang share with BusinessBecause about their startup TOUCHEU, Asia’s first sustainable handmade fashion and lifestyle marketplace Read More
Designed to develop the skills needed in a fast-moving business environment, Prof. Shige Makino told South China Morning Post the new MiM program will help students make sense of the implications and deeper meaning of the digital and technology buzzw... Read More
CUHK Business School alumnus Christopher Wong shares with South China Morning Post that the IBCE program is a great platform for gaining international exposure, and it encourages students to explore different industries Read More
In an interview with Forbes, Prof. Xufei Ma comments on Didi Chuxing's acquisition of Brazil's 99 saying that "Didi is a skilled driver in handling relationships with investors, competitors and partners."... Read More
Nowadays, more and more students are pursuing a specialized master to gain competitive advantages in the job market. Stephanie Villemagne shared with that "business school students should become investment bankers or consultants upon grad... Read More
GBS alumnus Arnold Chan shares with Oriental Daily News that grass-root students receive fewer opportunities given the education inequality in Hong Kong. Therefore, he set up the non-profit organization "Teach4HK" to recruit university graduates from... Read More
In an interview with Forbes, Simon Lee questions about Xiaomi's valuation of a potential mega IPO that "US$50 billion is too high when taking into account its sales performance and profitability. Comparing market capitalization versus revenue, it is ... Read More
At the third China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Talk, Prof. Shen Hao shared that consumers are more likely to select unhealthy food through touchscreen. The research was picked up by various local newspapers and media around the world Read More
In an interview with Financial Times, Prof. Kevin Au says "Children who have studied in the West often have contrasting views to their parents. The communication is usually very different to begin with."... Read More
In an interview with Hong Kong Echo magazine, Stephanie Villemagne commented on how companies attract and retain young talent, and said that "millennials aren't just looking for the name anymore; they're looking at the life associated with an organiz... Read More
Prof. Xufei Ma said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that "inspired by the huge success of bike-sharing and companies that provide shareable products and services, China is undergoing a transformation, moving from being a country who is seekin... Read More
CUHK MBA alumnus Gerardo Salandra and current MBA student Ishita Dikshit shared with Financial Times their own views about what it has been like to live and study in Hong Kong... Read More
Genetic and early childhood environmental factors are proven to each play a role in a person's career direction. Find out more in a feature article published in the Smart Manager magazine by Prof. Wendong Li... Read More
Founded by four CUHK Business School alumni, Shenzhen Jfun Technology Co. Ltd has introduced a new F2B2C model for single domestic convenience stores to boost their profits and competitiveness in China. Find out more in a news report published in Min... Read More
CUHK EMBA was named the best gender-balanced program among the best 100 executive MBAs in the world featured in the Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2017 Read More
In an interview with South China Morning Post, Prof. Xufei Ma compared the Greater Bay Area plan to Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms first implemented in the region in the late 1970s, saying that "what are the major benefits of the 1979 reform and op... Read More
What does the expected expenditure of US$1 trillion on Asian infrastructure from BRI really mean for the future of Hong Kong's financial industry? Simon Lee told The Peak Magazine that Hong Kong banks or consulting firms may subject themselves to pol... Read More