Advancing Teaching Excellence to Keep the Legacy Flame Alive

A solid foundation in teaching and research, as well as a resonant culture and esteemed heritage, are essential for an institution to stand the test of time. So, too, is having a successive stream of passionate, outstanding educators committed to constantly enhancing teaching methods and raising the standards of students to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. For over six decades, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has fostered and cultivated diverse generations of students. As a professor in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), Dr Andrew Yuen (MPhil in Business Economics 2003, Integrated BBA 1999), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology and Director of Executive MBA Programme, is determined to continue the legacy, nurturing future generations with the wisdom of the forerunners, the knowledge of the times and the humanistic spirit of the School.

Dr Yuen began his career in the banking industry after graduating from CUHK. Before long, however, he discovered that his true calling lay elsewhere. He returned to CUHK to pursue an MPhil in Business Economics, followed by a PhD in Transport Economics at the University of British Columbia. He subsequently accepted a teaching position at CUHK Business School, catalysing his career in academia.

Looking back at his studies at CUHK, Dr Yuen was grateful to have met many outstanding scholars. Their passion for teaching inspired him to follow in their footsteps, do his part to preserve the School’s humanistic spirit and put his educational philosophy into practice.

“Business knowledge is a tool, not only for making money, but also for enabling students to create value for themselves and help society become a better place.”

Perpetual Participation in the Educational Marathon

A teacher for 15 years, Dr Yuen has served in a variety of capacities to promote curriculum development, taking the unique business education of CUHK to the next level. He has been the Academic Director of MBA Programmes, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Co-director of the Integrated BBA Programme. Recently, he also took up the role of Director of Executive MBA Programme. As an enthusiastic educator, this “elder brother” of CUHK Business School cares deeply for his students and often takes the time to share his insight on career development, as well as his thoughts on life.

“The Business School fosters an environment in which professors and students are encouraged to interact with one another. In addition to gaining professional knowledge from faculty members, students often develop relationships with their professors as mentors and friends.”

Curriculum and pedagogy should evolve in tandem with society. Dr Yuen attaches great importance to the connection shared by the knowledge students gain and its practical applications. For this reason, his classes are dynamic and diverse. He combines basic theories and current affairs to help students more thoroughly understand how academic principles apply in the real world, which magnifies their motivation to learn. He has twice received CUHK’s Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award in recognition of his unique and innovative teaching style.

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Dr Yuen is equally active and enthusiastic outside of the classroom. Currently the Director of Policy and Knowledge Transfer at CUHK’s Aviation Policy and Research Centre, he is frequently interviewed by the media on Hong Kong’s aviation industry and global macroeconomics . A few years ago, he co-convened Innovation x Business @ CUHK with Prof. Michael Fung, also from the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology. This tech-and-business-focused platform connects students with consulting and academic research opportunities at renowned organisations.

Seizing Opportunity When Business and Technology Meet

Oftentimes, the real world moves faster than – and charges farther ahead of – the measured pace of academia. In recent years, the hotly discussed AI has ushered in revolutionary changes and presented numerous industries with novel challenges. In the face of this shifting landscape, Dr Yuen believes both teaching and learning should focus primarily on the present while keeping an eye on the future that is soon to unfold. He hopes younger generations will embrace new technology with open minds and consider how it might generate greater value for themselves and for society.

“The relationship between technology and humanity has never been competitive; it’s complementary. The higher an enterprise’s level of success and the more resources it controls, the greater its social responsibility. It’s therefore critical for Business School students to understand the value and possibilities that technology can present to business.”

Dr Yuen advises CUHKers to seize every opportunity and not to shy away from challenges, and always bear in mind the School’s humanistic spirit.

“The mountainous roads of CUHK can be challenging to navigate. However, every step represents an opportunity for reflection and personal growth. This shared pursuit of excellence has fostered the strong emotional bond that exists among CUHKers and shaped the distinctive culture of CUHK Business School.”

Prof. Michael Fung (right) of the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology was Dr Yuen’s professor. After becoming a lecturer himself, Dr Yuen taught Sean Tam (centre) (International Business and Chinese Enterprise 2021). Despite attending CUHK at different times, they all connected at CUHK Business School, bonding over their special cross-generational student-teacher relationships.