CUHK MBA Zambia Study Trip 2017

For any MBA student, there’s no greater approach to learning than getting your hands dirty. At The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School, MBA students are getting out of the classroom and into the field to learn about global business first-hand.

Led by Stephanie Villemagne, Associate Dean (Graduate Programmes) and Director of MBA Programmes at CUHK Business School, a group of MBA students embarked on a field trip to Zambia, an emerging market in Southern Africa in late November 2017. The trip’s focus was in the sustainable development to the local community, and the impact of water supply, hygiene, sanitation and crop development on the rural economy.

Throughout the trip, students were tasked with preparing, designing and developing a sustainable business enterprise model with an aim to bring a positive impact to the rural communities across Zambia. On top of that, students got the real-life experience in drilling a water point with manual techniques, which enabled them to see the impact of a sustainable water supply, sanitation, and water quality on public health.


Through meeting with local entrepreneurs in agriculture and industry, CUHK MBA students also obtained an in-depth experience in planning business models for social sustainable enterprises to improve the health and sanitation in the village of Kalabo, in the Western Province of Zambia.

These local experiences have all helped students to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the emerging markets.

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Photo on homepage by Keith Hiro
Photo in the slider by Ken Tang, current part-time MBA student