More than Business: Beliefs that Transcend Generations

It is often said that “business is business”, a rational pursuit purely focused on business management and value and benefit calculation. Yet business is also about human activities in modern societies, in which humans and their beliefs drive all kinds of interactions and value creation that ultimately lead to success.


Throughout its 60-year history, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and CUHK Business School have profoundly influenced generations of students. The university’s distinctive collegiate system and spirit of humanity and business have enabled students to navigate the business world and engender novel opportunities across sectors.

Prof. Michael Fung (BSSc in Economics 1985), professor at the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, Dr. Andrew Yuen (MPhil in Business Economics 2003, Integrated BBA 1999), senior lecturer, and Sean Tam (International Business and Chinese Enterprise 2021), a recent graduate from the School, attended CUHK in different eras. They all met at CUHK Business School and bonded over their special cross-generational student-teacher relationships, with Prof. Fung teaching Dr. Yuen, who later taught Sean Tam.

Collegiate System Fosters CUHKer Identity

Prof. Fung’s affection for his alma mater has not waned even nearly 40 years after graduation. He believes that CUHK’s collegiate system has created a one-of-a-kind network of relationships. Besides promoting knowledge and encouraging the exchange of experiences, this network has provided a platform to unite alumni from various eras, enabling them to bond and foster a sense of belonging unique to CUHK and the Business School, and an identity that has become a core pillar of their lives.

Prof. Michael Fung, professor at the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Dr. Andrew Yuen and Sean Tam, members of successive generations, are grateful for what this family has given them. Even after graduation, they wear their CUHKer identity on their sleeves and continue to give back to their alma mater, carrying on the Business School’s fine tradition.

Humanistic Philosophy Promotes Credibility and Commitment

Prof. Fung believes that mutual trust is the foundation of business behaviour. He encourages Business School students to challenge themselves in their studies and learn from their mistakes to become more credible. Dr. Yuen, meanwhile, sees business knowledge as a tool that can be used not only to make profit but also to help people create personal and communal value, improving society as a whole. Just as CUHK Business School underscores the spirit of humanity and business, he believes that the more successful an enterprise becomes, the more resources it commands, the greater the social responsibility it should assume.

Dr. Andrew Yuen, senior lecturer at the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Sean, a recent graduate, believes not only that CUHK Business School promotes the transfer of knowledge, but that its long history and spirit of heritage have inspired him to value humanistic philosophy and multidimensional thinking.

Rising to the Rapid Changes in Times

In recent years, technology and artificial intelligence have disrupted the global business community and human life. Both Prof. Fung and Dr. Yuen encourage students to make the best use of technology, to be open-minded and to embrace the new era’s plethora of opportunities.

Sean Tam, alumnus of CUHK Business School

Sean was inspired by these two mentors and had participated in overseas exchange trips and business competitions while minoring in other subjects, with the goal of broadening his horizons and gaining new experiences. He is now working at a leading international technology firm, putting his CUHK Business School education to practical use.

With a relationship and shared experiences spanning three generations, these teachers and students have borne witness to the ceaseless progress of CUHK Business School over the last 60 years.