CUHK Business School and AWS Announce Collaboration to Nurture Cloud-Proficient Business Leaders

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud provider, have announced a collaboration to enhance the digital proficiency of executives and business leaders.

Through this collaboration, AWS will provide foundational cloud training for existing and future business leaders, equipping them with essential knowledge in digital, cloud technologies, and operations. Offered to EMBA, MBA and masters’ students of CUHK Business School, the training will focus on the latest industry trends and the business value of cloud technology, with an aim to hone their knowledge and skills to lead transformative endeavours and seize opportunities in the evolving business landscape.

While digital literacy and computational thinking are already embedded in the undergraduate programme, Prof. Lin Zhou, Dean of CUHK Business School, emphasises the importance of integrating technology into master’s and executive education. He states, “The collaboration with AWS combines academic excellence with technology and innovation, enabling professionals and executives to stay at the forefront of the digital economy.”

Prof. Lin Zhou, Dean of CUHK Business School

Mr Chris So, Head of Business Development, AWS Hong Kong, emphasised, “The key to successful transformation is to have C-suite to drive a top-down shift, empower the entire organisation with cloud fluency. AWS is committed to nurturing digital talents in Hong Kong and has already provided cloud skills training to over 100,000 individuals. We believe that digital talent will be the driving force for significant transformation in Hong Kong.”

Mr Chris So, Head of Business Development, AWS Hong Kong

CUHK Business School and AWS announced collaboration