CUHK Business School’s Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology Renamed

The Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics (DSE) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School is renamed as the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology (DOT), effective from 1 August 2023. The refreshed identity reflects the department’s academic vision and strategic positioning in a shifting landscape.

Since the establishment of the department in 1993, the academic and business landscapes have changed significantly. As technology and data analytics continue to play an increasingly important role in business decision-making, the department has adapted its academic and research focus to meet the evolving needs of the industry, with majority of faculty members specialising in Operations Management (OM) and Information System Management (MIS), and a modest group of experts in Business Economics (BE).

In the new name, “Decisions, Operations and Technology”, “Operations” and “Technology” represent OM and MIS. “Decisions” covers not only BE members’ teaching and research expertise but also some of those in OM and MIS. By aligning its expertise with the latest trends and challenges in the business world, DOT is well-positioned to generate meaningful insights and nurture competent business leaders ready for the future.

Professor Sean Zhou, Chairman of the Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology, explained, “We believe the initiative will convey a clearer message about our renewed teaching and research focus. We will continue to enhance our research and programme curriculum by integrating elements of technology, innovation and analytics. With our strengths in research and education, we hope to collaborate with relevant research institutions, business partners and government organisations and contribute to pivotal decisions in business and society.”