Hu, Maggie Rong

BEng, PhD (NUS)

Assistant Professor


School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Room 710, 7/F
Cheng Yu Tung Building
12 Chak Cheung Street
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

+852 3943 8592


Prof. Maggie Hu is currently an Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Finance at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her PhD in Finance in 2013, and Bachelor of Engineering from National University of Singapore in 2008. Her main research interests include empirical corporate finance, banking and real estate finance. Her research papers have been presented at several international finance and real estate conferences, and published in leading journals such as Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and Real Estate Economics.

Teaching Areas

Real Estate Finance

Research Interests

Real Estate Finance and Economics
International Finance
Empirical Corporate Finance

  • Publications & Working Papers


    Working Papers

    • Maggie Rong Hu, Zhiguo He, Zhenping Wang, and Vincent Yao, “Valuation of Long-Term Property Rights under Political Uncertainty.”
    • Yi Fan, Maggie Rong Hu, and Xinwei Wan, “A Tale of Two Cities: Mainland Chinese Buyers in Hong Kong Housing Market.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Sumit Agarwal and Adrian Lee, “Who Gains from Housing Market Stimulus? Evidence from Homeowner Grants with Threshold Prices.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Xiaoyang Li, and Yang Shi, “Adverse Selection and Credit Certificates: Evidence from a P2P Platform.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Xiaoyang Li, Yang Shi, and Michael Zhang, “Are All Heuristics Created Equal? Evidence from P2P Investments.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Desmond Tsang and Wayne Xinwei Wan, “Corporate Relocation and Housing Market Spillover.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Desmond Tsang and Wayne Xinwei Wan“CEO Overconfidence and the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu and Adrian Lee, “Airbnb, COVID-19 Risk and Lockdowns: Local and Global Evidence.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu , Chenyu Shan and Margaret Rui Zhu, “The Dark Side of 2005 Bankruptcy Code Reform: Does Derivatives Privilege Affect Corporate Borrowing?”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Oleg Chuprinin and Chang Mo Kang, “Information Cascades and Investment Efficiency in Peer-to-peer Markets.”
    • Maggie Rong Hu, Quan Gan, and Wayne Xinwei Wan, “Contract Rescission in Real Estate Presale Market.”
  • Grants
    • UNSW Business School Special Research Grant with AU$7,000, 2014-2015
    • Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant with AU$625,000, 2014-2017
    • UTS Business School Research Grant with AU$9,914, 2015-2016
    • UNSW Business School Special Research Grant with AU$5,760, 2016-2017
  • Awards & Honours
    • 3rd Place, Best Paper Award at Global Real Estate Summit (AsRES joint with GCREC), 2015
    • Best Paper Award at Indonesian Financial Management Association (IFMA) International Conference, 2016