Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Zhenyu GAO

朴相炫(14晨興工管)來自南韓富川,因為父親在中國內地有生意,所以朴相炫唸中學時已搬至天津生活。高中畢業後,朴相炫想過前往新加坡、香港或加拿大留學,希望擴闊視野,也滿足自己喜愛冒險及認識新事物的性格。 Read More
Park Sanghyun (Class of 2014; Morningside College) came from Bucheon, South Korea. Due to his father’s business operations in mainland China, he was relocated to Tianjin for secondary education Read More
While so many MBA students work hard to acquire an international outlook and a global vison, Patrick Monaco-Sorge has lived it since he was a child. Brought up and schooled in Belgium by Italian and Canadian parents Read More
陳謙秀旅居美國逾二十年,履歷顯赫,其LinkedIn個人檔案羅列曾任職的美國大公司和世界五百強企業,成功、專業、能幹的形象呼之欲出,難以想像她原來出自寒微。她生於香港基層家庭,一家老小靠爸爸養活。爸爸年過三十才重拾大學夢,邊在港大唸書邊替人補習賺錢糊口 Read More
Looking at her dazzling LinkedIn profile that enumerates the US-based conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies she had served as head of finance in the past two decades, it is hard to imagine Bonnie Chan came from fairly humble Read More
As a hospitality graduate who studied in Switzerland, it seemed natural for Iris Leung to join her father in managing his local hotel chain in China. However, her interests were much wider than that Read More
CUHK has a strong sense of community, and offers students the opportunity to host international events and study abroad programmes, says John Liu Hin Lok... Read More
It is commonly thought that physically attractive people always get the best deals in life -- better job opportunities, higher earnings, more chances for career success, not to mention connections in high places and an amazing social life Read More
Shareholders of low-profile Chinese property developer Tianjin Realty Development recently made news by voting to keep party politics out of the Shanghai-listed company's organizational structure Read More
肝癌有如沉默的殺手,往往到末期才露端倪,病人已然回天乏術。但若能及早診斷,肝癌治療其實容易得多 Read More