Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

In recent years, Taiwan has become a popular destination for Hong Kong students who want to study overseas. On the other hand, a significant number of Taiwanese students regard Hong Kong as an ideal place to pursue higher education Read More
Today in Hong Kong, tomorrow in Beijing, the day after returning to Singapore where he is based before going on to Indonesia, Morden Chen is hard to catch these days. Having started his new job with Alibaba Group three months ago, he is busy fulfilli... Read More
Now a local choreographer and dancer, Joseph graduated from the Professional Accountancy Program in 2013 before he set out to London to study contemporary dance. Two years ago he returned to Hong Kong and started life as a full-time dancer Read More
Prior to pursuing her MBA, Neha Kanotra had a steady and secure job with Tata Consultancy Services. She worked for the company in technology consulting and project management in Mumbai and London for six years, looking after two of their biggest clie... Read More
Born in Hong Kong, Stephon Ho moved to Canada with his parents when he was only nine years old and grew up there. Throughout university and early parts of his career in finance, he served in the Canadian Forces as a military combat engineer reservist... Read More
Is there any way to predict whether a person is more likely to stick to a job than flee after a short tenure? Is the job-hopping tendency a trait that one is born with, or a product of the environment? Find out more from an article contributed to The... Read More
Park Sanghyun (Class of 2014; Morningside College) came from Bucheon, South Korea. Due to his father’s business operations in mainland China, he was relocated to Tianjin for secondary education... Read More
自從Airbnb在2007年出現,租用閒置資源的經濟模式在全球遍地開花,愈來愈多旅客透過Airbnb網站租用居民家中的閒置床位或整個單位,節省旅費之餘,更可體驗當地風情 Read More
Ever since the appearance of Airbnb in 2007, the rental of spare resources has mushroomed globally. The number of travellers renting unused flats or beds in their destinations through the Airbnb platform, Read More
朴相炫(14晨興工管)來自南韓富川,因為父親在中國內地有生意,所以朴相炫唸中學時已搬至天津生活。高中畢業後,朴相炫想過前往新加坡、香港或加拿大留學,希望擴闊視野,也滿足自己喜愛冒險及認識新事物的性格。 Read More