Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Zhenyu GAO

As a hospitality graduate who studied in Switzerland, it seemed natural for Iris Leung to join her father in managing his local hotel chain in China. However, her interests were much wider than that Read More
CUHK has a strong sense of community, and offers students the opportunity to host international events and study abroad programmes, says John Liu Hin Lok... Read More
It is commonly thought that physically attractive people always get the best deals in life -- better job opportunities, higher earnings, more chances for career success, not to mention connections in high places and an amazing social life Read More
Shareholders of low-profile Chinese property developer Tianjin Realty Development recently made news by voting to keep party politics out of the Shanghai-listed company's organizational structure Read More
肝癌有如沉默的殺手,往往到末期才露端倪,病人已然回天乏術。但若能及早診斷,肝癌治療其實容易得多 Read More
Liver cancer is a silent killer. The disease does not manifest itself until the very late stages–at which point it is often too late to do much for patients Read More
Few things are more exasperating for job seekers than to get turned down because they are deemed overqualified. Now some new research should prompt second thoughts among managers who cite this as a reason Read More
MBA alumnus Herman Kam is director of LINKA, an Internet of Things tech startup, which designed and developed smart bicycle locks connected to the mobile phone by an app... Read More
China’s One Belt One Road initiative is not only about the countries along the route and emerging markets, says Prof. Zhao Lei from CPC Party School... Read More
Sometimes people with the best plan find out that there is always an even better plan. This is what happened to Jasvin Bhasin, a CUHK MBA student... Read More