CUHK Business School Represents Greater China to Compete in Global Case Competition

Current undergraduate students and members of the CUHK Business School winning team Pinky Chiu and Howard Suen, shared with Sing Tao Daily News and Wen Wei Po the team’s experience of competing at the KPMG Cup.

A team of undergraduate students representing The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School won the national champion at the 2016 “KPMG Cup” National Top Ten Invitational Business Case Competition (KPMG Cup) concluded at Xiamen University on 5 March 2016.

Professional Accountancy Programme (PACC) student Eric Yiu Ho Kui (Year 3), Global Business Studies Programme (GBS) student Howard Suen Lok Ho (Year 2), Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (IBBA) student Jansen Wan Chun Yat (Year 2) and Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Programme (IFAA) student Pinky Chiu Man Kei (Year 4) bested nine other teams from top universities throughout the Greater China region.

In an interview with Sing Tao Daily News, Pinky Chiu, the captain of the CUHK Business School winning team shared the team’s experience of competing at the KPMG Cup. Chiu stated that taking home the national championship demonstrated good analytical skills among the CUHK undergraduate students and helped to enhance their competitiveness in the career market.

“The key to winning the championship is that we successfully engaged adjudicators’ in our report and impressed them during the question and answer session in the competition,” she said.

“Through joining case competitions, it can not only help students accumulate experiences but also help expand their network. That’s why the majority of CUHK Business School students have taken part in various competitions in recent years,” added Chiu.

Howard Suen also shared their experience with Wen Wei Po and said: “My team was given a business case to analyze whether it was worthwhile for a Canadian biscuit making company to rent a frozen plant for operations.”

“The competition was pretty challenging as my team had to complete the analysis on the business case and prepare a report within three hours,” elaborated Suen. “We need to take into account different factors including market demand, cash flow as well as the level of technology support to the company where it is situated.”

“The competition required contestants to have strong capability in logical and deductive thinking as we need to prioritize different factors for business operations with the support of sufficient data and to present to the adjudicators our give and take in the analyzing process.”

Suen added that creativity is vital for running a business, and the success relies on innovative sales strategies and the ability of grasping business opportunities timely.

The CUHK Business School team will represent the Greater China region to compete in the KPMG International Case Competition which will be held from 11-14 April 2016 in Dubai.

The Sing Tao Daily News story was reprinted in Headline Daily, and the School’s press release disseminated to media on 8 March 2016 was also picked up by an Indian online media outlet

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