CUHK Business School Faculty Members and Student Honoured at the University’s Teaching and Research Excellence Awards

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Research and Teaching Excellence Awards honoured four outstanding faculty members and student who excel in teaching and research and have made a huge contribution to the University.

University Education Award 2021

The University Education Award is a prestigious University-level award to commend outstanding academic staff for their significant contributions to enhance the student learning experience through curriculum design/development, scholarship in teaching and learning, as well as excellence in classroom teaching. There are three categories under the award, namely General Faculty Members, Early Career Faculty Members and Teams.

Prof. Lisa Wan is an awardee of the General Faculty Members category, and she was also the sole nominee from CUHK for this year’s University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Award (General Faculty Members) to compete with outstanding faculty members from other seven UGC-funded universities.

Established in 2011, the UGC Teaching Award honours staff who excel in teaching in the UGC sector. The Award, presented annually, recognises not only past and present teaching performances and achievements, but also the teachers’ leadership in and scholarly contribution to teaching and learning within and across universities. The awardees are expected to become “ambassadors of good teaching” to collectively make a real and sustained impact in promoting teaching excellence in the UGC sector.

Prof. Lisa Wan
Associate Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

I am truly humbled and honoured to receive the University Education Award 2021 and be one of the nominees for the UGC Teaching Award 2021 (General Faculty Members). I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the CUHK Selection Panel of UEA and UGC Teaching Award 2021, and CUHK Business School for their recognition of my achievement in learner-centred and impactful teaching. I also convey my deep gratitude to my colleagues and students at School of Hotel and Tourism Management for their support and encouragement.

As an alumna of CUHK Business School, I am so proud to teach and nurture our future leaders at CUHK. Over the years, I emphasise the importance of motivating students to be lifelong learners. My teaching pedagogy — Co-Creation of Knowledge, Attention, Relationship, Empathy, and Sustainable Learning (CARES) — ensures a real-life teaching and learning process that places students at the heart of the learning experience.

Seeing students have different achievements in their lives is a very rewarding experience. I am grateful that some students, after graduation, still keep in touch with me and ask me for advice about their careers, family, love relationships, and even invited me to attend their wedding ceremonies. I feel honoured because they trust me and treat me as their life coach and friend. To me, the beauty of teaching is, it is a very rewarding experience. If you give me the second chance to choose my career again, I will still choose to be a teacher, a lifelong learner.”

Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2020

The Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award Scheme was launched in 1999 to recognise outstanding teachers. Every year, each Faculty can nominate at least one faculty member with excellent teaching performance in the eyes of students, as well as other teaching staff. The award serves not only as a recognition of the contributions of the awardees in the area of teaching, but also reflects the University’s commitment to providing quality education.

Dr. Andrew Yuen
Senior Lecturer, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

“It is my great honour to receive the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2020. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to CUHK Business School and the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics for their continuous support. In the current dynamic environment, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be my students’ companion in their learning journey.”

Research Excellence Award 2020-21

The Research Excellence Award aims to encourage outstanding research performance and to provide a long-term, overall positive effect on promoting research excellence at the University and further improving the success rate of all major research grant applications.

Prof. Zhenyu Gao
Associate Professor, Department of Finance

“It is my great honour to receive the Research Excellence Award. I feel deeply humbled because I could not have made any achievements without the strong and continuous support from my department and faculty. I regard this award as the recognition of the collaborative research environment from which I have been always benefitting since I joined CUHK.

This award will encourage me to conduct more impactful research in the future. I look forward to working together with my colleagues and contributing more to the growth of CUHK Business School.”

Young Researcher Award 2020

In view of recognising research accomplishments of young faculty, the University established the Young Researcher Award in 2002. One young faculty with the best research output will be nominated by the Dean of each Faculty every year.

Prof. Xintong Zhan
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and School of Hotel and Tourism Management

“As a PhD alumna of CUHK Business School, I am happy that my research has made contributions to CUHK, and I am extremely honoured that my achievements have been recognised by the University. I am just one of the CUHK alumni who honour CUHK in different ways.”

Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020

To encourage quality research, the University established the Postgraduate Research Output Award in 2002. One postgraduate student per faculty will be nominated by the Dean every year.

Ms. Lin Ge
Year-4 PhD Student, Department of Marketing

“I am very grateful to receive the Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020. Words cannot fully express how much I appreciate this great honour.

I would like to pay my highest gratitude and appreciation to my advisor, co-authors and colleagues. To me, they are the warm winter sun, the glitter lighthouse, dispelling the fog and guiding the direction of my research path.

Bit by bit, researchers and scholars expand the frontiers of knowledge. It is my great honour to become a drop of the ocean. Hand in hand with my research fellows, I shall never lose faith in my research endeavour.”