CUHK Business School Students Carry Championship in the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Business Case Competition 2022

Congratulations to four winning teams of students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School in the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Business Case Competition 2022.

Last year, over 500 students from various universities in Hong Kong teamed up to join the case competition themed “Evolving Business in a Changing World”. Participants were challenged to provide creative solutions to business cases formulated by Chinachem Group, Jardine Matheson, NWS Holdings, Sino Group or Swire Group.

Among the four winning teams from CUHK, a team of four undergraduate students was crowned champion in the Swire Group’s track. The team comprises students from Global Business Studies (GBS), Quantitative Finance (QFIN) and Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science (QFRM).

The team was tasked to propose a two-part business solution to the Swire Group Charitable Trust. The first part should cover a communication campaign that celebrates the success of the funding initiative “TrustTomorrow” while the second part should provide recommendations on raising public awareness of the importance of marine conservation.

“We came to realise that business is not only about maximising profit. Many companies are devoted to contributing to society and promoting sustainability.”

“Our team was coached by the manager of TrustTomorrow. We believed that a charity carnival would be an effective way to conclude their current EGS efforts. On the other hand, we narrowed down the target audience and devised the Swire Marine Student Ambassadors Programme.”

“In the future, we want to explore how corporates can do more for society and achieve a win-win situation.”

Award list:

Swire Group – Champion
Team name: FFCV

Chinachem Group – 1st runner-up
Team name:

NWS Holdings Limited – 2nd runner-up
Team name: Trivial Solutions

Sino Group – 2nd runner-up
Team name: Solution 404