Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Research Excellence Awards

The Research Excellence Award Scheme was launched in the 2005/ 2006 academic year to recognize the outstanding research performance of teachers in the Faculty. The award shows the Faculty's commitment in striving for excellence in research at the University and further improvement in the success rate of all major research grant applications. Upon the inception of the Research Excellence Award, the award serves not only as a recognition of the contributions of the awardees in the area of research, but also reflects the University's commitment to encouraging excellent research performance. 

Congratulations to the awards recipients from CUHK Business School below:

Year Name


WU, Donghui
School of Accountancy

ZHANG, Tianyu

School of Accountancy

thumb 006 WU Donghui crop 

thumb 008 ZHANG Tianyu crop

2015 GUO, Liang
Department of Marketing
 thumb 024 GUO Liang crop
2013 ZHOU, Xiang Sean
Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics 
thumb Zhou Xiang Sean 
2012 WYER, Robert
Department of Marketing  
thumb WYER JR Robert Selden 
2011 LIN, Chen
Department of Finance
(Already left CUHK Business School) 
thumb lin chen crop 
2009 LAU, Chung Ming 
Department of Management
thumb Lau Chung-ming 
2008 WONG, Tak Jun
School of Accountancy 
(Already left CUHK Business School)
Wong tak jun 
2007 MAKINO, Shige
Department of Management 
Shigefumi MAKINO 

FAN, Joseph
School of Accountancy



LAW, Kenneth
Department of Management

thumb Fan Joseph P. H.

thumb Law Kenneth S.