Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Program Learning Goals


Program learning goals (LGs) are consistent with the mission of the CUHK Business School. These LGs represent knowledge, skills and values/attitudes that students are expected to have acquired upon completion of individual programs.

  • Undergraduate Programs

    • Integrated BBA Program (IBBA)

    • BBA in Professional Accountancy Program (PACC)

    • BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate Program (HRE)

    • BBA in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Program (IFAA)

    • BSc in Quantitative Finance Program (QFIN)

    • BSc in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science Program (QFRM)

    • BBA in Global Economics and Finance Program (GLEF)

  • Taught Postgraduate Programs

    • Executive MBA Program (EMBA)

    • Executive Master of Professional Accountancy Program (EMPAcc)

    • Master of Accountancy Program (MAcc)

    • MBA Program (MBAs)

    • MBA Program in Finance (MBA in Finance)

    • Master of Science Program in Finance (MSc Fin)

      Our students will:

      LG1 Be able to appreciate the importance of modern finance theories in global economies and markets

      LG2 Be able to apply fundamental techniques and quantitative reasoning for making financial decisions

      LG3 Possess analytical skills to examine financial management problems

      LG4 Be able to solve (un)structured problems and provide effective solutions

    • Master of Science Program in Information Technology and Management (MSc ITM)

      Program learning goals focus on the following:

      LG1 Understanding of the underlying theory and principles of IT management

      LG2 IT strategy formulation

      LG3 Ability to apply information and technology management tools in a business context

      LG4 Effective and persuasive communication skills in an organizational environment

    • Master of Science Program in Marketing (MSc MKT)

      Our students will:

      LG1 Possess a firm grasp of modern marketing theory

      LG2 Be equipped with appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques

      LG3 Be able to adapt marketing strategy to the global environment

      LG4 Have an understanding of corporate social responsibility as it pertains to the marketing profession

  • MPhil-PhD Programs

    Our students will:

    LG1 Acquire the core knowledge and research tools in specialized discipline to develop their own concepts or theories

    LG2 Demonstrate their research and business problem solving capabilities

    LG3 Have communication competences to effectively disseminate their research findings to academic and business communities

    LG4 Demonstrate intellectual stimulation and advance research innovation