Faculty Members and Student Reap the Fruits of Their Hardwork

Three faculty members/student from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School were recognised for their outstanding teaching performance, research output and contribution to the university.

Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2018

The Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award Scheme was launched in 1999 to recognise outstanding teachers. Every year, each Faculty can nominate at least one teacher with excellent teaching performance in the eyes of students, as well as other teaching staff.

Dr. Anson Au Yeung
Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance
Co-director, Asian Business Studies Programme

“I feel honoured to be receiving the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2018.  I am honoured to be a team member andam thankful to CUHK Business School and the Department of Finance for all their support so that I can experiment with new forms of pedagogy and be more involved in programme administration.  I am also humbled because there are many outstanding, passionate, and creative colleagues who always motivate, inspire, and challenge me along the way.

The real rewards of teaching come from students and their achievements.  With the efforts I have put in case teaching and blended learning for several years, I am thrilled to see many of my students become more determined to study finance.  As the rapidly changing business world can quickly make course content and pedagogies obsolete, it reminds me to continually find ways to make the learning experience of my students richer and more socially relevant. This award is dedicated to my students.”

Young Researcher Award 2018

In order to recognise research accomplishments of young faculty, the University established the Young Researcher Award in 2002. One young faculty with the best research output will be nominated by the Dean of each Faculty every year.

Prof. Junfei Huang
Associate Professor, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

“It is my great honour to be granted the Young Researcher Award 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, collaborators and students. Their valuable inspiration have helped me shape my research interests. I would also thank CUHK Business School and the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics for providing generous research supports over the years. The award will surely encourage me to work harder and I hope my research will continue to generate important contributions.”

Postgraduate Research Output Award 2018

To encourage quality research, the University established the Postgraduate Research Output Award in 2002. One postgraduate student per faculty will be nominated by the Dean every year.

Dr. Hong Huang
PhD in Accountancy Programme Student


“It is a great honour for me to receive the Postgraduate Research Output Award 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Danqing Young, PhD programme director Prof. Zhaoyang Gu, my co-author Prof. Albert Tsang and other professors during my study at CUHK. The PhD programme in the School of Accountancy is the place to learn to appreciate the value of getting informed, to witness the variations and complexity of human nature, to challenge stereotypes by facts, and to spare no effort in pursuing truth and morality. The inspiration and valuable advice from CUHK professors have helped me to lay a solid theoretical and methodological foundation for research, to improve my papers, and to motivate further meaningful research ideas. I also would like to thank my PhD programme classmates, who have been wonderful teammates in the journey of pursuing high-quality research. Conducting meaningful research is a life-long endeavour and this Award encourages me to work harder to deliver consequential research outputs.”